The first thing I notice is my mouth. My inner lips are stuck to my teeth and when I try to swallow I realize I’m not working with any moisture.

I crack open my eyes and am struck by how incredibly bright our bedroom gets. Is it always this bright in here? Jeeze.

Well, maybe the brightness is normal. I wouldn’t notice since I generally get up at 3am. However, this spinning is definitely not normal. Ugh.

I can feel my heart racing. I can feel it pounding throughout my body.

Except for my face as that is still numb.

Then I notice my eyes, I didn’t take my makeup off last night. Now I feel the crusty mascara just sitting on my eyelashes making them feel too heavy to keep open.

Or maybe it’s hard to keep them open because of the brightness and the spinning.

Although the room still spins when they’re closed. I can’t win.

I must get water.

That is the first thing I say to my poor responsible husband. I say poor because I may have accompanied that with a slight shove to help him wake up.

I get water and it’s a slight relief. An entire liter later and I see have slight cotton mouth. I’m working on my second liter now.

After my first chug of water I feel my stomach turn. All of the sudden I have to swallow way too much. Uh oh, I know what that usually means. I warn Joel of possible trouble of the revisiting last night’s wine sort.

He brings me a bowl.

Thankfully I do not need to use it.

I doze back off, waking only to chug more water.

When my water is finally gone I reach over to check my phone. Um, where is it? Definitely not plugged in next to my bed like it normally is. I hope I didn’t leave it at work. For one whole day I am not walking into that building. I love my job but being there for over 20 hours (16 working) was just a bit too much.

So why did I stay an extra 4 hours? Well, my bosses and coworkers are pretty awesome. Also? There was wine. Lots and lots of delicious wine.

This morning I’m thinking maybe definitely a bit too much of that delicious wine.

I find my phone in the trail that clearly shows my path from door to bed. Starting with my coat and ending with my pants right next to the bed.

I check my messages and luckily there were no work emergencies that required me to come rushing in. Although the way I’m feeling I’m not sure rushing would be possible.

I make it to the couch and beg Joel to bring me food. He makes me pancakes and if I didn’t still kind of feel like puking I would have made out with him. They taste so good.

I lie on the couch all day and doze on and off. Joel tries to get me up several times but staying awake proves impossible.

This was not the relaxing, enjoyable day I planned. I didn’t plan on feeling like I got run over by a train. It’s completely my own fault. You don’t spend 16 hours running around with almost no food and expect to drink almost an entire bottle of wine without consequences.

My bad.

I do love wine but I have a feeling it will be quite awhile before I drink any again.