I have an obsession with dance music. I’m not sure exactly when it began. Probably during my first trip to Amsterdam when I was 14. It also helped that I moved to Europe when I was 18 and that’s basically all they play in the clubs there. I didn’t know any different. When I finally turned 21 I was sorely disappointed by the music they play at most of the clubs in the states. Just not the same.

Anyway, a local radio station plays Dance Factory Radio late at night and Joel and I enjoy listening to it on our drives home from visiting my family. Tonight while listening I discovered my new song obsession. It puts a giant smile on my face. Seriously, listening to it makes me so happy. So, I needed to share with all of you what will, no doubt, be on repeat on my iTunes for several days.

Ravers in the UK by DJ Manian:

Please ignore the random girls in soapy bikinis. Just turn your speakers up and enjoy the awesome sound.

p.s. I’m pretty sure I even understand the lyrics to this song… Pretty sure.