This guy gets more and more personality each week.

This week we hit the big milestone of 2 months old. The official 2 month photo and stats are here but I thought I’d add some of the outtakes in this post.


Phoebe is getting a little more nervous of his grabby hands. I’m wondering how many more months I’ll be able to bribe her to sit next to him… and how many more he’ll be undistracted by her.


The faces I make to get this face….


Sometimes get a face more like this. Obviously he thinks his mom is crazy already. (He’s right)

With turning two months came a check up. Wesley is a happy healthy boy. There was one awkward moment that I have to share. Wesley is really fair skinned. Not surprising considering his parents. Anyway, while the pediatrician was examining him he was checking his diaper area. He pointed out there was a little redness down there. He said it’s not a rash, it’s just because his skin is thin so it gets red easily because of moisture.

Pediatrician- “Same thing happens to me sometimes.”

Me- blink blink

I’m sure he didn’t mean to immediately give me a mental image of his junk… but yeah. Awkward.

Also with the two month check up came shots. I’m positive they were harder on me than they were on him. It was especially hard because he was in a good mood and was smiling and cooing at me right up to the moment the needle went in.


The look of shock and pain on his face when that first needle went in will be forever etched in my memory. Horrifying.


I cried. Yup, I was that mom. It was awful.


Thankfully it only took a minute of nursing before he forgot all about it. Magic boobies, ftw!

He ran a bit of a temp for a little bit of the day and was extra cuddly but by the evening he was back to his old self and had obviously forgiven me for those mean old shots.


Mommy really does love you, little man.

Other milestones:

  • I took Wesley out to lunch with friends without Joel. We only have one car so we have to specifically plan for me to have the car if I want to go places while Joel is at work. Wesley was great, he slept the whole time and I had a nice lunch visiting with a couple friends.


  • Wesley’s baby acne has officially cleared up. I’m not positive that happened this week actually but this week someone pointed out that it was gone and I realized they were right. Yay for perfect soft baby skin.
  • Wesley has started smiling at me while nursing. One of my first memories is looking up at my mom while nursing and smiling at her. It melts my heart to see my son do the same to me.


  • Wesley is actually learning to enjoy tummy time. Or at least tolerate it. He still cries sometimes but it’s not the entire time anymore.


  • Baby’s first tank top. Gah!


And just for funsies, one last picture of the look I get sometimes when I’m being extra silly.


Uh mom… you’re a weirdo.