Oh man, we’re in the 30’s.

Remember how I was worried about not gaining any weight in the four weeks between appointments? Ha, made up for that in two weeks. Oops. Oh well, Dr said my weight is “good” so I will stop worrying about it and maybe not eat so many cupcakes. Maybe.

Everything else is looking right on track too. I measure exactly the week I am in centimeters every appointment, which honestly fascinates me. I know I would be stressed if I was measuring too big or too small so, yay for being textbook.

It’s so weird for me to be going in every other week. It definitely feels kind of excessive. I feel like I should have questions every appointment because every other one I had a month to think them up. Not so much anymore. I guess a lack of questions is good because it means everything is going well?

In baby news, he is getting so strong. He’s kind of lying sideways right now and last night it felt like he was trying to headbutt and punch his way through my side. At one point I could feel him stretching out on either side of my stomach and I really could feel the exact roundness of his head. It was both extremely cool and pretty painful. Once he finally decided to quit trying to superman his way out of my stomach my side was sore for hours. My mom likes to tell me how I actually bruised her side when I was just a fetus so I guess I have it coming to me. He’s now more head down I think because if I lean forward or sit in any way that isn’t perfect posture it feels like his feet are crushing my lungs and ribs. He’s already running out of room and there’s still so much growing to do. Sorry kid, mommy is no super model so you’re going to have to make do with tight quarters.

By far the best thing to happen this week was a surprise little baby shower my dance girl friends threw for me. I showed up for what I thought was a normal dance class and instead they had the backroom set up with the cutest little snacks and the nicest card (and gift card! Wee! I may have already gone online and mentally spent it.)


Those adorable pretzels that say “It’s a boy!” are handmade. Seriously, so impressive.

It made me feel amazingly loved and special. I was completely surprised. I wish I’d have taken more pictures but I was too busy talking and laughing and having a fun time. I’m so lucky that I have these ladies in my life. Dance makes me happy but dancing with friends makes my soul happy.

I’m thrilled that this week was so wonderful. Makes me look forward to what’s to come, even if that means more organ punching.