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I half assed BlogHer 2013


When they announced that BlogHer 2013 was going to be in Chicago I knew I had to go. I’d managed to talk myself out of it every other year but the fact that all I had to pay for was the (early bird priced) pass, not even the hotel, took away all my excuses. At the last minute Joel decided to get an expo only pass so he could join me, check out some of the brands, and help me with Wesley. I’m so glad he did.

I prepared for BlogHer by… oh wait, nope, no I didn’t prepare at all. I’ve read about people buying all new wardrobes and meticulously planning every outfit and accessory. Uh… yeah… I not only don’t have the money or time (hello, new mom here) but I’ve never been very good at fashion trends. So I just wore stuff I already had in my closet and meant to repaint my toenails buuuut didn’t even get to that. Did I mention I’m a new mom?

Oh wait, I lied. I did order business cards. A week in advance and had to pay for rush shipping because I totally spaced, but they got ordered and arrived before the conference. Winning.

Joel and I both went to the opening of the expo hall and had a chill evening there wandering around and checking out the booths.



The next day was decidedly not chill. Our first mistake was sticking around the expo hall way too late. Wesley did sleep a good amount of the time but Joel and I only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Then we had to wake our sleeping baby.

Never do that.


We managed to get out the door on time and actually got to the conference early!

Only to find that Wesley had had a massive blow out poop all over the adorable outfit I dressed him in.

Don’t worry, there’s no picture to go with this part of the story. You’re welcome.

Anyway, that ate up all the “early” we had and then some so I showed up to the newbie breakfast late and even then only got to shove food in my mouth really quickly before Wesley needed me to walk him around. He was okay-ish for most of the morning but only if I was pacing with him. Thankfully I have my Maya Wrap so it was hands free feeding.


Unfortunately Wesley’s restlessness and fighting sleep made it pretty impossible for me to network and left me feeling kind of frazzled.

Must. not. let. him. cry.

Anyway, he finally gave in and napped and I got to have some much needed caffeine and sitting down time.


Throughout the whole day Joel’s help was invaluable.


He held Wesley as much as Wesley would let him so I got to eat a little and listen to at least part of some sessions without bouncing and pacing.

It was a long day and then, as I was on my way to hear the Voices of the Year keynote, I realized my wallet was missing. We dug the car apart and nothing. So we drove all the way home and dug through the swag bags and found it. Stupid swag.

Wesley was not impressed by our early morning and late night and our night ended looking like this.


Saddest. baby. ever.

We fell into bed as fast as possible and decided not to force ourselves out of bed the next morning. When you wake a sleeping baby once you don’t make that mistake again if you can help it.

The last day was much, much better. I finally got to meet a few of my favorite online people and sat at the silliest lunch table ever.


There was a for real spit take, complete with Diet Pepsi out the nose from one person at the table. It was that good.

We also ended the night a lot earlier and things didn’t end in complete meltdown like the previous night.

Overall I’d say I’m glad I went, if only because I would have regretted not going. I do kind of feel like I did BlogHer “wrong.” The sessions were okay but I was distracted during them and only got to sit down through one full one. I also didn’t get nearly the full conference experience by not staying at the hotel and not being able to attend any of the official parties. Plus the fact that I was constantly on edge trying to make sure my baby wasn’t fussing and bothering everyone made it so I wasn’t able to fully engage or have many real conversations with new friends.

I will say that my being on edge was my own thing. Everyone was so friendly about Wesley and I never for a second felt uncomfortable breastfeeding him. I even got a few “you go girls” about it. I really appreciated the encouragement for sure. Still, I wanted to make sure he stayed quiet and didn’t disrupt anyone’s experience.

Next year Wesley will be old enough to be left home with Joel. If I decide to go again that’s the only way I’ll do it. I got a little taste of BlogHer this year but if I ever go again I won’t half ass it. Except for the planning out my entire new wardrobe part because seriously? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Random Confessions

1. I borrowed a two shirts from my little sister the other day. I gave one of them back. I’m really hoping she forgets/doesn’t ask about the other one. It looks really great on me. Aaand I ripped a hole in the sleeve.

2. When I do laundry I rarely wear shoes. That wouldn’t be so bad if the laundry room wasn’t a community one down the hall from our apartment.

3. The last of my “real” bras broke two weeks ago. I’ve been wearing sports bras ever since. Flat chested FTW!

4. Lately I have been sleeping in till noon or later. I generally wake up when Joel tells me he’s coming home for lunch. I hate sleeping in this late because half my day is gone by the time I get up. However, I do not hate it enough to set an alarm clock. Fail.

5. I always buy and read my book club books no more than a couple days before the discussion. I say it’s because I’m a fast reader and I’ll forget what I want to say if I get it sooner. Really? It’s because I just put it off until the last minute. Thank goodness the fast reader part is true.

6. Speaking of book club, our discussion is at the beach tomorrow. For the first time in my life I really don’t want to be seen in a bikini. My body is not bikini ready. There’s a slight chance of thunderstorms and I’m praying that they come through so I don’t have to stress about it. ::sigh::

7. In related news, I’m actually starting C25K over on Monday. I have a lovely group of ladies who are doing it with me and that should be the motivation I need to actually finish it this time. Clearly I have an issue with self motivation.

8. You can probably buy my love in the form of Starbucks caramel Frappuccinos. Just Sayin’.

9. I always have to look up how to spell Frappuccino.

10. Actually there are a lot of words I look up. Most of the time I spelled the words right. However, if I look up the word after I sent a text or tweet? I inevitably spelled it wrong. Why doesn’t the iPhone have built in spell check already? Hmph.

So those are my confessions.* They say confession is good for the soul and I’m inclined to agree with them. Whoever the heck they are. Anything you’d like to confess? I’m a great listener 😉

*Totally have that one Usher song stuck in my head now.

You pay the same

for this little ornament as you do for a drink here at Starbucks. Yes, I’m a sucker for just about anything Starbucks. At least the ornament lasts forever.

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