Pushing Daisies is an amazing show on ABC. It’s absolutely magical. It is like Dr. Seuss for adults. It’s humorous, clean, artistic and clever. It’s a whimsical tale of a pie maker who can bring people back to life by touching them once but the second touch reverses that forever. Together with a private investigator he solves all sorts of murders by asking the victim who killed him or her. It’s also a love story, as his childhood crush is someone that he brings back to life but can now never touch again because that would kill her. It’s like cotton candy for your soul.

So of course ABC has decided to cancel it.

Why can’t there be one true piece of art on TV? Why does a show have to be about sex and scandal to have half a chance of making it? Is America really so dumb? I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed my fair share of drama and reality TV. A good cat-fight can be hilarious but is that really all people want to watch? Can’t there be some life, some creativity, some wit on TV as well? There have to be enough smart, imaginative people out there that would enjoy this type of originality.

Come on ABC, be brave, be original. You started this show, at least give it a fair chance. There are people who love this show and would miss it terribly. If you’re a fan of the show please, please, please SPEAK UP! And even if you’re not a fan yet protest on principle. Tell ABC that there is an audience for this type of show and not just the mindless garbage every other network force-feeds us.