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Weekly Wesley: Twenty one


This week we bought Wesley an amber teething necklace. I haven’t really noticed any signs of teething yet but better to get it before they start, right?


Honestly, I kind of don’t believe it actually does anything. It was pretty cheap and I think it looks kind of adorable though so who knows, maybe it’s magical after all.

One thing I’ve been working on with Wesley is having him sleep anywhere other than pressed up against me. As much as I love this,


I’m ready to be able to have a conversation with Joel in the evening or get something done during nap time. So far it’s going okay. We have a futon in the living room so when it’s time for a nap I lie down with him and then very slowly ease away.



We’ve yet to go very long without him rooting around for me and me having to quickly lie back down next to him and pop my boob in his mouth but just being able to get up at all is a start.

Towards the end of the week we got pictures taken of the cousins. It was… interesting.


We had them done at JCPenny and let’s just say I’m glad it was a Groupon because if I had been paying their prices I would have been pissed. I made the appointment well ahead of time, although not as far ahead as I wanted because it took three days of calling to even get a hold of anyone despite the voicemail recording promising a call back. When I booked the appointment I made sure to tell them it would be seven little boys, ages 4 months to 8 years.

So why they decided to staff a trainee is beyond me. I’m almost positive I could have gotten better pictures. She kept taking the pictures just before they’d look or get a giant chunk of the light in the frame. They also refused to listen to what we wanted and insisted on multiple background colors when we only wanted one and taking individual photos when we only wanted group shots. They also spent a ridiculous amount of time editing lame “enhancements” (read 90’s looking fades and vignettes) in front of us while we waited to pick our shots. I even told her we weren’t going to purchase anything with enhancements like that but she “had to do it.” So we waited and waited while trying to corral 7 restless boys who had already sat still for far too long.

The Groupon deal came with five photos and we seriously only picked four because there were only that many halfway decent ones. And one isn’t even a group shot, it’s a lucky cute shot of Wesley. When they’re ready in two weeks (!!!) I’ll post them but it was not magic, let me tell you.

Other than that it’s just been all packing all week. This is about how I feel about it.


Hate. Moving.

This Saturday is the big day and it can’t come soon enough… and it’s coming too fast because omg we have so much to do still.

Other milestones:

  • We took Wesley to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. Obviously not for his benefit, it was for his cousin’s birthday. Despite the over stimulation his did really well and was just quiet and fascinated with all the noise and lights the whole time.


  • I read Wesley Dr. Seuss for the first time and he was in awe. He just kept staring at my face and then at the book and then back at my face. I think he’s going to be as big of a fan as his mommy.


(so mad at the stupid iPhone for messing up the focus on this one. Had to post it anyway because best. face. ever.)

  • I don’t want to jinx it but Mr. Dude has started to be okay in the car. He still cries about 40-50% of the time but that is a massive improvement so I’ll take it.


Other favorite photos from the week:


Wesley has been getting so excited when Joel comes home from work every day. Melts my heart.


Sweet deliciously clean baby.


It’s too bad he’s never happy or anything.


My tiny old man says, “Jolly good, ta ta for now.”

Weekly Wesley: Nineteen


The big thing that happened this week was I learned how to do a back wrap with a woven wrap.


I borrowed a wrap from a babywearing group near me and I’m loving it. There’s definitely a learning curve and I haven’t gotten the seat right every time. The times I do get it right though are so nice. I can get so much done while Wesley naps on me.


For example, packing for our move at the end of the month.

We found an apartment, yay! There were moments when I seriously thought we wouldn’t. It’s kind of far from where we live now so we’re going to have to familiarize ourselves with a whole new area. I’ve really enjoyed where we lived the last 5 years so I’m a little bummed that we couldn’t find something closer. No more living 5 minutes from Ikea. Wah! I mean, it’ll only be 20-30 minutes but still, I’ve been spoiled.

In other news, my dad is doing much better.


He’s in a nursing home right now doing rehab and I can’t believe the difference it has made so far. He’s so much more alert and is able to actually hold short conversations now. Seeing him so much better has given me the slightest sliver of hope. There’s still a lot of work to do so I hope he can keep his spirits up and keep working hard.

Wesley has been working hard on a developmental leap if his mood is any indication. He still is happy in between the fussing but arg, so. much. fussing.

Of course, when Joel gets home he’s all smiles.


I’m fairly certain Joel thinks I’m lying when I send him the Omg when are you coming home?! text on the daily lately. Maybe it’s not a developmental leap, maybe he is just sick of me…

I kid.


Other milestones:

  • One really weird thing he has decided to do is hang upside down. My tiny little bat boy.


  • He’s also working on being more mobile. He’s soooo close to rolling from back to belly. Honestly I think he would have done it already if I didn’t wear him so much. Oops. He has started scooting and managed to scoot himself completely off his play mat.


  • We gave Wesley his Oball and he loves it. It’s one of the few toys he doesn’t immediately drop.


And to finish off, a few random of my favorite pictures from the week.

I can’t even with how much Jordan loves his tiny little cousin.


Naaaaaants Ingonyama….


This is his waking up from a nap face. I love how his little nose is always so red. Usually he smiles shortly after this face.


Until next time!


37 Weeks


I am officially full term.



And the way I’m feeling, this baby can’t come soon enough.

This morning I was lying in bed feeling my little guy wiggle around and suddenly, BAM! Foot shot right to the ribs so hard I actually heard an audible pop. Of course there was that split second where I paused to decide how much it hurt. I quickly decided he did not break the rib so I can only assume that the pop was it moving out of place slightly. It’s been tender all day. Probably doesn’t help that the area on and under that rib is the ONLY spot he likes to kick anymore. Stinker.

Great news at the doctor this week. Baby is head down and obviously very strong and healthy. My culture for Group B Strep also came back negative so I don’t have to have an IV during labor at all (baring complications of course). I love that I’m birthing at a hospital that will allow me to labor without even a hep-lock. I really hate needles. Really. I wasn’t checked for dilation or anything, not sure when they will start checking that. I have a feeling there’s no progress though considering the fact that he lives in my lungs. I miss oxygen.

I found a couple little stretch marks on my side. Or at least I’m pretty sure they’re new. I had a freakish growth spurt as a child (I was 5’3″ at 11 years old, I’m only 5’4″ now.) so I already had some on my sides and thighs. I’m pretty sure they’re new though so womp womp. I’m at least hoping they stay in that general area and don’t start showing up on my actual stomach. If that’s the case I will be a super happy camper. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I also now have a linea nigra officially. This I think is kind of cool. Not really sure why, but I like it. Plus I know it fades (right?).

Birthing class finished this past Sunday so that deserves a big old CHECK. Now just waiting to put all we learned into practice.

We’ve been making some serious progress with baby stuff. Took me long enough right? I don’t know, I guess I’ve been kind of in denial that this whole thing is actually happening. Like, I’m going to be bringing home an actual human child instead of just being pregnant for forever. I guess being pregnant for basically an entire year will do that to you. Anyway, we have all his newborn sized clothes washed, folded and put in a box under the bed. We have really limited storage in our apartment so we opted to get one of those under the bed bins for his clothes.


And even with the biggest one we could find that would fit under the bed it’s still bursting at the seams. Such a spoiled little man already.

We also got the bassinet assembled so Wesley will actually have a place to sleep. And by we I mean Joel of course.


There’s a fun little time lapse of the whole process on Joel’s blog if you want to check it out.

We don’t have much planned for this coming week except more getting ready for the baby. We are making an appointment with the police department to check out our car seat installation. I found the pediatrician we want so all I need to do is call the insurance company and make it official. We still need to pack the hospital bags and buy his coming home outfit.

Speaking of packing the hospital bags, I’m a bit lost on what I might pack food-wise for myself. I’m allowed to eat and drink during labor but I know laboring women generally don’t want much. What were your food and drink essentials during labor?

Wordless Wednesdays: Packing Light Before and After

Why do I do this?!

I procrastinate. And I freaking hate it. I leave for India tomorrow.


Guess how packed I am at 8pm the night before.

(not at all)

Guess how many blog posts I have ready.

(still have a bunch to write or get ready to post)

So yeah, I’m freaking out just a little.

I’ll get it all done. I always do. Will I get a decent night of sleep? That is very questionable.

So this post is a little phoned in. Sorry. I just have to concentrate on other things right now. Because I’m already tired and am hours away from being able to go to bed.


Luggage and other packing type dilemmas

One week and one day from tomorrow we leave for India. Holy moly it’s coming up so fast. I’m so excited but also nervous. The thing I’m nervous about? Packing. I feel totally lost.

First of all I’m going to have to raid some thrift stores for clothing because I’m pretty sure I have next to nothing that’s appropriate to wear there. Either I actually like it and don’t want to risk it getting ruined or it’s not culturally appropriate. I’m hoping I can find some cute-ish, cheap skirts and a couple tops (although not really sure what I’m looking for in the top department) and then I’ll just buy a couple things in country. From what I’ve read stuff is really cheap and easy to find there. So I may be better off only packing an outfit or two and finding the rest there. We’ll see what kind of treasures the thrift stores around here hold.

I also want to look into buying some sandals. From what I understand that’s the footwear of choice there. All I really have are some cute but fairly uncomfortable ones or flip flops. Hiking sandals that I’ve seen around here are kind of pricey so I can’t decide if they’re worth buying or not. Blah.

Then there’s the whole luggage situation. See, I can pack pretty light if I need to. Actually, it’s more I can fit a whole lot into a very small amount of space. I never take anything but my airline issued rollerboard and tote bag. No matter the length of the trip I can fit everything in there.

Except, we’re not really going to be in the same place the whole time. The last thing I want is to be dragging my rollerboard around on dirt roads and on and off buses. Or worse, rickshaws! That would never work.

So the plan is to take backpacks. Joel and I have one that I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to fit his stuff into. Then there’s me. The idea of fitting everything for the trip into one tiny little carry on sized backpack seems impossible. We looked into hiking packs but all of them are technically too big to carry on. The ones that are regulation size seem so itty bitty. I mean seriously, I’m positive I’ve seen people carry on way bigger bags than them. But we measured and I even checked Lufthansa’s website. So now I don’t know if I should just buy a non regulation size and hope I don’t have to check it and if they make me then hope they don’t lose my bag. I hate the idea of checking luggage. Not because it costs money (which I actually think on Lufthansa you can check one bag for free) but because I hate that it could get lost. I like to be in control of my stuff at all times. I may have issues.

Everything else we’re pretty good on. I’m going to look into some dry shampoo since I’d like to take as few toiletries as possible. I’m not sure if it works very well though. Anyone know anything about it? I also have to find some sort of very small travel towel. I’m thinking I can find something like that in some outdoor store.

And…. I think that’s all. Is it crazy to take such a small amount of stuff? I am a chronic over packer and never ever use everything I take. Still, the idea of only taking a small backpack makes me really anxious.

It’s probably because I’ve never actually been anywhere like India really. I don’t know what to expect or how easy it will be to get things I need if I forget/decide not to pack them. If it were Europe it’d be no problem. I know what to expect in places like that.

All of this is part of the adventure though and I know it’s going to be amazing. Not knowing what to expect is part of the excitment. I feel like I’m clicking up the first climb of a giant roller coaster. I have butterflies in my stomach and I almost want to scream at someone to stop the ride.

I know it’s going to be a great ride though and the butterflies are just part of the fun.

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