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No time

It’s been so long since I truly didn’t have time for things. No time to read books I want to read. No time to catch up on my shows. No time to read and comment on all the blogs that I love.

No time.

Well, ok not no time. But I would have to give up other things. Like spending time with friends. Or sleeping.

Those are things that I’m not giving up.

So for all intents and purposes, I have no time.

It’s weird for me.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I had no time. In The Netherlands I had plenty of time for internet and books and shows. Obviously the kids kept me busy but I always had evenings free plus three days off a week. Then I had basically part time jobs until I got a job as a flight attendant.

As a flight attendant? It felt like I had nothing but spare time. I spent a ton of time “working” but let’s face it, even on the airplane I had time to sit and read a book or whatever.

Then there were layovers. Often on my layovers I went out and explored the town or hung out with coworkers. I wanted to soak in every second of that job. However, if you’re staying in an airport hotel with nothing around for the 8th time in 2 months…. you run out of things to do outside your hotel room so it leaves plenty of time for books and blogs.

Add into that having 11 guaranteed days off a month plus not flying every single day I was on call? Sometimes I felt like the laziest person alive. I wasn’t.

Until I got furloughed. Then I was definitely the laziest person alive. I would go days without ever seeing the outdoors. Pajamas were my uniform and I would find myself on Hulu watching absolute crap because I had no more blogs to read or shows to watch.

Really truly pathetic.

Now I have this job. And I. love. it. It keeps me on my toes and challenges me. There are always problems to solve and when I turn a near disaster into a success? Well, there’s nothing quite like the rush it gives me.

But, I’m left with a choice between reading a book that I really love (or at least I really love so far. I’ve barely begun it) or sleep? I’m probably going to choose sleep.

And when I say probably I mean pretty definitely.

I love sleep. We’ve established this.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m an awful blog friend lately. I barely even check Twitter anymore, much less post. I read as many blog posts as I can but I rarely comment. I hate that. I have things to say, really, I just am trying to squeeze as much into a short period of time as possible.

So I’m totally lame and have no time to do a lot of the things that I’ve loved and gotten used to over the past couple of years. I think it’s probably a good thing. I haven’t felt this fulfilled since I stopped flying. I certainly have never felt this productive, possibly ever.

I’m sure a balance will come soon. Already things run a million times smoother than they did before. Until then I’ll treasure ever second of sleep and down time I get.

Speaking of sleep, I have a nice warm bed and handsome husband calling my name right now.

Childfree days

I look forward to having kids, I really do. However, after weekends like these I feel like I won’t mind putting it off just a while longer. This weekend my days went like this:


Stayed out and had a few drinks with coworkers. Lots of laughing and talking. Good times.


2am finally collapse into bed

10am wake up, grab a bowl of cereal and hop back into bed while I poke around the internet on Twitter and such.

11am catch up on a few tv shows I missed over the week. Fight with’s online player. Stupid CW.

1pm feeling sleepy. Decide to lie down for a bit and take a nap before work.

3pm wake up feeling drugged. Must. shower. before. work.

3:30pm leave for work

11pm off work. Back to fooling around on the internet. In bed by 12am(ish).


10am wake up, starving. Joel is not up yet so I move around a lot and “accidentally” bump into him.

10:30am release Phoebe on him. “oops”

11am make pancakes with apple butter. So freaking delicious.

12pm big breakfast made me sleepy. Decide to lie down for a nap. Enjoy some heavenly cuddles with Joel and the puppy.

2pm up for work. Thankfully don’t feel so drugged this time.

3:30pm leave for work.

10pm done with work. Joel and I run to Blockbuster to exchange our movie mailers for free in store rentals.

11pm munch on a caramel apple and watch two really lame movies. Still fun to cuddle on the couch though. In bed by around 2:30am.


7am kiss Joel goodbye. He has to work. Lame.

12pm Joel gets home from work. This wakes me up. Nice.

1pm catch up with my mom and some others on the phone. Shower, get dressed and decide to go to a movie.

3:20pm Watch Devil. Not too bad but the clueless girls in the theater? Hilarious. Hearing them gasp as they got it ages after the movie made things obvious made Joel and I laugh hysterically.

6pm dinner. Possibly another movie but most likely we’ll just head to bed soon since I have to wake up at 3am for work.

I know that having kids has it’s rewards but the thought of giving up lovely lazy weekends like this is not something I’m ready to rush into.


Wow, after not working for almost a year going back to work is tiring. The worst part? I haven’t even really started working yet. We had training again today and possibly more tomorrow and Wednesday. Then again, maybe not. Everything is so up in the air. I hear a lot of “I have no idea” which is understandable but frustrating to everyone involved. I try to make plans only to cancel them a little later because it looks like I might work. Then I don’t have to work and it’s too late.

Ha, ironically it sounds like I’m describing my job as a flight attendant. The major difference was, I knew my on call days more than a month in advance. In this instance I feel like I’ve been living in limbo since mid-May. I’m flexible, I get how hard this is for everyone but man, I can’t wait until things calm down a bit. At least everyone seems really nice still and I have a lot of fun while I’m there.

The only big bummer about this job is that it’s definitely going to cut way down on my Twitter time. I miss my Twitter friends already. I’m sure I’ll work out a balance eventually though. I’m definitely not giving up Twitter altogether. Just during working hours.

Anyway, the main point of this post is I’m exhausted. I worked two days in a row and as soon as I got home I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep. Apparently spending a year in your pjs, on the couch twittering does nothing for your endurance. Who knew? The good news is, maybe after several weeks of being active and on my feet my clothes will actually start fitting again. Wouldn’t that be nice.

It didn’t help at all that I was up at least five times in a panic that I’d overslept. I even went to bed earlier than normal so I thought I’d wake up rested but noooo. I’d wake up, look at my phone to check the time and stare at it until my eyes weren’t blurry and I could actually read the display. Then I’d sit there wondering what I had to do and why I was awake and ask myself what time I had to be where. It was awful. Normally that only happens to me if I go to bed way too late and have to get up super early. Oh well.

Despite the tiredness I’m just so happy about being useful again. I’m excited to actually start paying off our debt and finally start saving money again. I’m sick of the drowning feeling I always have about 4 days before payday. It would be so nice to actually be able to do nice things without feeling insanely guilty about it. I hate money.

I’d love to write more but my lazy body is trying to shut down so I’m going to let it. Night!

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