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27 Weeks

Last week of the second trimester. Wait what?! I know!

This week was super stressful. Without going into all the gory details there was a very real possibility I was going to lose my health insurance 20 days before this kiddo is due.

Twenty days.

Of course my mind went a million places trying to figure out what I might do. From medicaid (we make just a little too much) to COBRA to begging to be induced at 37 weeks to traveling to a country with socialized medicine. If it was an option, no matter how ridiculous or unrealistic, I thought of it.

Thankfully I didn’t need to freak out and will be able to keep my insurance after all. I just found that out this afternoon and as soon as I heard I burst into happy tears. No one should have to worry that they’ll go bankrupt for bringing a child into the world. We never ever would have gotten pregnant if we thought there was a chance we’d lose our insurance. But it worked out and I can go back to being nervous about bringing this child into the world for all the right reasons.

As what I only can imagine was a result of the stress I got sick again this week. Nothing unmanageable, I’m still off my medicine, but enough for my body to remind me of who’s the boss. Hint, it’s not me.

Other than all that it was a relatively busy week. We started our Bradley classes and so far it seems like I’ll like it. Reading the books I was a bit nervous that it would be over the top (Bradley talks about anything other than a completely natural birth being not a birthday but a delivery-day. Uh, what?) but our instructor seems really reasonable. She believes in the method, having used it three times herself, but is committed to no judgement. I like that.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of protein I’m supposed to consume and while I’ve been writing down my food I haven’t tallied up total protein yet. I have a feeling I’ve been failing miserably despite eating what feels like ALL THE EGGS. Of course it didn’t help that I got sick and have been having aversions to most meat. Peanut butter, yogurt, milk and eggs are my BFFs at the moment. I hope that’s enough.

I think that’s all in pregnancy news this week. I know I said I would be getting posts up other than these once a week updates but with the way things were going I couldn’t find a time where it felt right to publish what I’d written. So, after the holidays? That’s the plan anyway.

I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Christmas. See you next week with what I can only assume will be a much bigger belly. Christmas food, ya know.

Insurance fiasco

When I found out I was pregnant my first thought was OhmygoshholycrapYAYahhhhh! Yes, that’s a word. Trust me. My next thought was finding a doctor but that got pushed aside in the excitement of telling my family.

The next day I started to think about finding a doctor to confirm there is in fact a human growing in me and to eventually deliver it. I happen to be blessed with really great insurance through my job. Since Joel and I are healthy people with no strong ties to any specific doctor we chose an HMO plan so I’m limited to my network in my OB choices.

My first stop was to my “portal” to try to find a list of doctors who are in my network. I don’t visit it often because I know who my primary doctor is and we haven’t had any visits that would require me checking on any bills. I logged on and clicked around trying to find the list of doctors in my network. I remember seeing them at one point… maybe when I chose my primary doctor? But that was years ago so I didn’t know where to look. I decided the tab that said “My Coverage” was as good a place as any to start.

And that’s when the panic began.

Coverage = cancelled


My heart immediately started racing and I went back through my mind to when I selected coverage during annual enrolment last year. I thought, oh god what if I did it wrong?! We didn’t get new cards this year but since ours didn’t have expiration dates on them I didn’t think anything of it. We did get new cards for our dental coverage though so I knew I’d done something right during enrolment.

I tried to take deep breaths and think anything other than oh god oh god oh god  I’m pregnant with no health insurance oh god oh god oh god!!! Frantically I looked through my phone contacts to try and find the number for my company’s benefits center.

Eight thousand prompts and two different phone numbers later I finally got a human on the phone. I held it together through all the button pushing but I admit the minute she said, “Hello, my name is Lisa, how can I help you?” I burst into tears. I’m not exactly sure how she made out what I was saying but it was something like, “Hi, I was looking at my insurance *sob* and cancelled and *sob* I just found out I’m pregnant and *sob* whyyyyy?

Bless that woman.

She got my info and was quickly able to tell me that she saw no problem on my company’s end of things. According to them my coverage was current and all good. That was when I started to breath again. She was kind enough to call BCBS for me and then transfer me over. Turns out it was just an internet problem. Apparently at the beginning of the year my policy number changed and since my login info was attached to that old number it showed as cancelled. All I had to do was reregister on the site with my new info and voila! no more problems. The nice lady even made sure our new cards were sent off and sent me a list of doctors I could see.

So now that that moment three hours of stress was over I had to get down to business and pick the person who would potentially deliver my first child.

I had a list of about 20 doctors and all I really had to go by was google to tell me if any of them are good or not.

Before I resorted to eenie meenie miny moe I DM’d the amazing Gina from The Feminist Breeder since I know she lives and works as a doula in the same general area that we live. I was a bit nervous since I know she’s insanely busy but she was so nice and after asking a couple questions she pointed me in the direction of a practice that seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I have an appointment for this Friday so we’ll see how it goes. I’m equal parts excited and nervous.

Let’s just hope there’s no more insurance misunderstandings. Stress isn’t good for the baby!

I have a finger I would like to show this thumb

How do these things happen to me? I’m afraid I broke my thumb. How?

No effing clue.

Seriously I have no idea.

All I know is, I’m in extreme pain suddenly and inexplicably.

Only when I move my thumb though. So that’s… good? Oh right except do you know how much you actually move your thumb? Or bump it? Or twist it?

Turns out quite a lot.

Thank goodness I’m right handed because otherwise I would have been completely useless at work. I just yelped occasionally. Ya know, perfectly normal waitress behavior. Random yelps. Cute.

Oh and do you have any idea how difficult it is to put in a ponytail without using one thumb? Try it. Basically impossible. And since I work around food my hair is required to be up. I have so far succeeded in not passing out from the pain. Stars have been seen though. Other cute waitress behavior? Fainting. Or so I’m told.

Now I’m not really sure what to do. I don’t want to spend the $100 copay it costs to go to the emergency room just so they can tell me I’m a crazy person. I already know that.

Seriously though. How does one seriously injure themselves without noticing? I frequently have bruises that I can’t explain but I’ll usually have a vague memory of thinking “Ow, that’s going to leave a mark.” If it were actually a seriously injury like a break or sprain I should have noticed when I did it.

You’d think anyway.

Oh, also? There is no indication of injury except for the pain. No bruising, swelling, heat, or marks of any kind. My thumb looks perfectly normal.

It just hurts like a mother effer.

I have to work in the morning. Considering how much worse it felt as the day went on today that makes me nervous. I’m not calling off though. Not happening.

If I just ignore it what’s the worst that could happen? I mean, even if it is broken they can’t really put a cast on it right? They’ll just get me one of those sexy braces that I can buy myself at the drug store, right?

I’m so cheap broke. I also don’t want to call off work to go to the doctor and I definitely don’t want to waste money on a copay. Especially if nothing is seriously wrong.

Someone tell me it’s no big deal to just ignore this.


But We Don’t Need Healthcare Reform

Gah! Stories like this make me want to shake certain people.

A healthy, four month old baby boy, that only consumes breast milk, is considered obese and denied health insurance. This is wrong on so many levels. It makes me angry. It also frustrates me that the same people who claim to be pro-life don’t support health reform legislation. They call it socialist, communist or even Nazi. Because insuring a healthy, chubby baby is such a wacky idea. That baby is already born so it doesn’t deserve protection, right? Wait…

Luckily, because of all the bad publicity the insurance company decided to change their decision. Out of the goodness of their hearts, right? I’ll bet. The problem is, there are too many people that are being denied coverage for shitty reasons just like that little baby. Things that may or may not be out of their control. Once diagnosed with something you may as well start a savings account in case you get really sick. Because even if your insurance company keeps taking your money for years, the minute you get really sick there are people whose sole job is to find any stupid little reason not to pay for your health care. Don’t believe me? Ask him, or her, or these people, or her… The list could go on and on.

But wait, it may *gasp* cost healthy people a bit more. Not that! Don’t make me help my fellow man! Don’t force me to act Christ-like or anything. *rolls eyes* The funny thing is, the people I know who support heathcare reform the most are usually non religious. The religious folks… well hopefully their tithe money is going to good use because they don’t want another cent taken. Not all Christians of course are against healthcare reform and not all non religious folks support it. But in my experience, far too many Repulican/ Conservative/ Right wing/ Christians/ Whatever you want to call them are too busy protesting abortion to realize there are men, women and children who are already born that need help. Why don’t they matter?

I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. I don’t consider myself part of either party. I don’t care if you’re a Christian or not. This is a human issue not a political one. See, it’s easy to be dismissive about healthcare until something bad happens to you or someone you love. I’ve been uninsured. It sucks and it’s terrifying. Thank God I’m a healthy person and nothing horrible happened to me but I never want to be in that scary place again. This is why I feel so strongly about this issue. And this is why I can’t understand people who put politics ahead of what is best for the country. Winning an election or keeping a little bit more of your paycheck shouldn’t be more important than a person’s life.

The whole thing makes me sick…

but don’t tell my insurance company.

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