All my shirts have to be worn with a long tank top under them now. Otherwise, as you can see from the picture, my underbelly would get cold.

I brought up my belly button to my midwife yesterday. Not because I’m worried about it but because I knew she’d see it anyway when she measured me and checked the heartbeat (both perfect by the way. He’s a healthy growing boy). She just said, “Oh yeah that will happen” and that unless I saw drainage I shouldn’t worry. She then proceeded to tell me that my actual belly button would get flat and may even pop out… as if I might not know that either. Is it just me or is not knowing a nine year old scar could get irritated and knowing belly buttons pop out during pregnancy not on the same level? Or am I just the only human who didn’t know about belly button ring scars?

We scheduled our next appointment in two weeks where we’ll go over the birth plan and do my Group B Strep test. Then we’ll be starting weekly appointments. Eek!

We also took a big step and bought Baby Boy a car seat.


While shopping I got to do something I’ve wanted to do forever. Twice!


Dumb? Maybe, but clearly it made me happy.

I know I said I’d have maternity pictures to post this week but there was a bit of a snag with them. We got the disc with the photos and Joel noticed the resolution wasn’t as big as we expected it to be. When he contacted the photographer she realized she had shot on the wrong setting and what we have is as big as it gets.

She was really awesome about it though and offered us our choice of either a reshoot or giving us all the pictures from the shoot. I’m too in love with what we shot to try to recreate it. I was even sad about certain pictures not making the cut. So, we chose to get all the pictures. They’ll still print up to a decent size, I’m not sure we would have blown them up to giant wall sized anyway. So I’m really pleased with how it worked out, it’ll just be a bit longer to get them and post them. Sorry!

We also did a gorgeous outdoor maternity shoot with my very talented sister. It was pretty cold but not too bad for a January in the midwest. The pictures turned out really gorgeous. As Joel gets some free time (ha) to edit them I’ll be posting those too.

I’m such a picture tease.