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Weekly Wesley: Eleven


This is late going up because Sunday was Father’s Day. It was a packed week full of firsts though so better late than never right?

One huge thing we did this week was take Wesley to his first Cubs game.


And of course we had to to get him a “My First Cubs Tee” shirt for the occasion.


Our little family in front of Wrigley.


Baby’s gotta eat too. Fist bump for nursing in public.

Wesley was super popular. Everyone was oohing and aahing about how cute he is and how little he is. The guy sitting next to us even told us about the certificates they give out for your first visit. So of course we had to get one and take a picture with it.


The reason we went, other than to take Wesley to his first Cubs game, was as a birthday present for my little brother. My brother is such a cool kid… well, at 16 he’s barely a kid anymore but yeah. One of my favorite things was watching him with Wesley. He is a complete natural with him.


And Wesley clearly adores him too.


Wittle baby rolls. Looooove.

Another thing we did this past week was take Wesley to the drive-in. I’ve been dying to see the new Star Trek movie but taking Wesley to a regular movie theater was really intimidating to me. I knew he might do well. He might just nurse and sleep through the whole thing. Or he might not. I was really concerned it would be too loud for him, especially since it’s action movie with explosions and such. The drive in was the perfect alternative.


We arrived a little late for the first movie (Epic) and I fed Wesley and then walked him around outside until he fell asleep. We could control the volume and the tiny bit of fussing he did didn’t bother anyone and neither of us had to miss any of the movie. The only downside was how late it started/ended. Of course that can’t be helped but getting up the next morning was a bit rough.

We ended the week by celebrating Father’s Day. I already wrote about that a bit but I didn’t mention that we got to have breakfast with Joel’s dad.


We didn’t get to see my dad which was a bit of a bummer but it was a super nice, relaxing day which is I think, exactly what Joel wanted.

Lastly, I have to share this gorgeous photo I took while we were watching a thunderstorm this week.


I hope our little guy keeps liking thunderstorms as much as his dad and I do.

Date night at Wrigley

One of our friends had tickets to a Cubs game that they weren’t going to be able to use. Of course Joel and I jumped at the opportunity when they offered to give us the seats. A free Cubs game? Always yes!

The weather turned out to be perfect. It was the kind of evening that you didn’t even notice the temperature because it wasn’t too hot or too cold. Just a perfect, cool summer evening. Lovely.

If you know me, you know I think baseball is just about the most boring sport on the entire planet. However, I genuinely love going to the games. The atmosphere can’t be beat. Joel and I have only been to one other Cubs game together so this was a real treat to get to go, just the two of us.

We had pretty good seats.

Although everything seems far away to me after the last seats I had. I’m spoiled I guess. Not too spoiled to have a blast in any old seats though.

Taken by a nice usher. Once the sun got low enough that it wasn’t blinding us, the sunset was really beautiful. Have I mentioned how in love I am with Chicago? Why don’t I live there again? Oh right. Money. ::le sigh::

This is the picture we were taking that prompted the usher to ask us if we needed help. I like the one she took but I think we were doing a pretty good job on our own. Traveling alone constantly? Makes you an excellent self picture taker. Fact.

In true form the Cubs were sucking it up. Since the game was just downright depressing to watch Joel and I used the time to talk and reconnect. Me working all of the sudden has made us miss each other. It was great to have some bonding time to just talk and laugh without being distracted by computers in our faces.

We stayed until the 7th inning stretch. Because seriously, it’s my favorite part of any ballgame. Who couldn’t love this?

Even with half the crowd singing completely out of sync was still the best part of the game.

After the song we decided to take off. If you’ve ever had to drive home from Wrigleyville after a Cubs game you’ll understand why. Not to mention the game wasn’t even close. When we left the Cubs were down 5-0. Some exciting things must have happened because the final score was 9-5. So at least they scored?

I have a feeling it would have just gotten my hopes up. Something I’m admittedly used to with the Cubs. I’m not sad we missed the last two innings.

It was so great to get out, eat some overpriced junk food and enjoy some quality time with the love of my life. No matter what we do, I always have a fun time when I’m with Joel. Being at Wrigley was just the cherry on top.

Go Cubs Go!

One of the girls that I met in my book club invited me and a couple other girls to a Cubs game. Her dad has season tickets and since he wasn’t going to use them this evening he let her have them. They were great seats. I’ve been to several Cubs games but never nearly this close. The players actually have faces. Who knew?!

The seats were great but the real reason I go to baseball games is for the company.

Good times.

Notice the sweaters? It’s May. I don’t think Chicago got the memo though. It was pretty chilly but that sweater I had on is super warm and I was very comfortable the whole evening. Poor Carrie is from California though and was freezing. We checked out the gift shop but, as expected, sweatshirts and jackets were $75-$100, a blanket or t-shirt was $50. I love the Cubs but really? No thanks. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t haul my coat around like I was considering because I stayed very comfortable without it. Win!

Speaking of win, the Cubs actually won tonight! Just the icing on a really great night.

Little bits of happiness

Life can be so stressful. Right now we’re in the process of me (hopefully) starting a new job soon. We’re trying to find a new place to live. Trying to pay off some credit cards. We had to replace a headlight on our car… you know, just life. However, amid the stressful things life inevitably throws at us there are always the simple little things that make days bright and happy.

This weekend was full of those little things:

-Watching my family gather together in support of my mom

-Getting to see my sister and nephew in from California

-Seeing my Oma from Kansas City and Aunt from Florida

-Spending the entire day today with my mom and Oma. Seriously, my mom and I could talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never run out of things to talk about.

-Finding a gift card from Starbucks in my wallet that had $18 on it. That’s like free money!

-One of the girls from my book club invited me to a Cubs game tomorrow. Third freakin’ row seats. Mind = blown. I’m so excited.

My poor sister sat standby at the airport (on literally no sleep) all day long and didn’t get out. She’s spending the night here and is going to try again tomorrow. The flights don’t look a whole lot better and since her car is parked in San Fransisco she can’t fly in anywhere else. Say a prayer, cross your fingers and hop on one foot that she gets out because spending two long days at airport sucks. Spending two long days at an airport with a five year old (even one that is really well behaved) while your husband just got in from a deployment sucks way worse. She will accept any extra plane tickets to SFO just in case anyone has one laying around. Just saying.

Aside from feeling bad for my sister I’m just so happy. I’m so blessed in so many ways. I have a wonderful life and it’s fun to look back and list things that make my life as great as it is. Optimism for the win!

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