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Four Months Old


Weight: 10 pounds 13 ounces

Length: 24 1/2 inches

Clothing size: Newborn for onsies but just barely. A few I’ve had to put away. He’s growing out of them in length before width though. He’s solidly in 0-3 month pants length wise but they still threaten to fall of him at any moment. He’s just a skinny mini.

Diaper size: Size 1

Sleep: He generally wants to fall asleep around 7:30 or 8, wakes up around 10 or 11 to eat and then sleeps through until 6 or 7 in the morning. After his morning feed often as not he’ll go back down until 9 or 10 and on rare occasions past noon. He tends to take one good 2 hour nap around noon or so if he hasn’t slept through until then and then a few 20 minute cat naps. Clearly we’re on a strict schedule by now. Snort.

Approximate number of photos I’ve taken of Wesley: 1,200+

Approximate diapers changed: lost count. We’ve had several blowouts lately which sucks. I’m addicted to the wet indicator line though so I’m reluctant to try a different brand.

Wesley is still a little peanut but he’s a healthy peanut. He’s gaining and according to the pediatrician that’s what matters.


I half assed BlogHer 2013


Weekly Wesley: Eighteen


  1. I love the wet indicator line. I don’t think different diaper brands can prevent ever blowout, I think they just happen.

  2. Lets try this again and see if the blog doesn’t eat this one. I also love the wet indicator line. I also think blow happen sometimes, no matter what the diaper brand. It tended to happen to us the most when we needed to move up a size.

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