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Weekly Wesley: Five


This week I began to feel like we’re really settling into a routine… which of course means the last couple of nights Wesley has had bad nights of sleep. I think the issue is he hates having a wet diaper and he wets his diaper every couple of hours. So he’s hydrated but wakes way more often. Or he’s just going through a growth spurt. He still usually does one four hour stretch at least.


While the more frequent waking is a little frustrating I’m just glad he’s eating well and gaining weight. He looks like such a peanut I was worried he wasn’t gaining well. He had his one month check up this week though and he weighed in at nine pounds exactly! The pediatrician seemed really pleased with his weight gain so I’m going to try to stop worrying about it. I just have a tiny baby. I still kind of hope he chunks out eventually but as long as he’s healthy that’s what’s important.


He’s quite strong and is able to hold his head up longer and longer. He still hates tummy time on the floor but he tolerates it better on our chests. We still do tummy time once a day on the floor so he hopefully gets more used to it soon.


His baby acne has improved a lot. If he gets really warm it shows back up but for the most part it’s gone. It has been replaced with some killer baby pattern baldness. He looks like a tiny little old man with a receding hairline and it cracks me up. I was bald as a cue ball until I was two so I was kind of shocked that Wesley was born with any hair at all. I’m curious when his hair will grow back in and what color it will be when it does. If his eyebrows and eyelashes are any indication he’ll be blond, but we’ll see.


By far the best thing about this week is Wesley’s cooing and smiling has reached a whole new level. He is especially happy and interactive first thing in the morning. I don’t care how crappy my night of sleep was it is impossible to be grouchy when I see his funny faces:


And this smile makes my whole world light up:


The gums! The dimples! This is my favorite picture of him ever. I was holding the camera off to the side and just hitting the camera button when I took it since I didn’t want it to be between our faces. I’m so glad I caught this, even if it is a bit blurry.

Other milestones:

  • Joel wore Wesley in the Maya Wrap for the first time.
  • Wesley and I took our first outing without Joel. Wesley got to meet my good friend and dance teacher. So, really simple, just there and back but it was nice to get out of the house.
  • We took Wesley to his first show. It was the recital for my dance studio. He did great. He got a little hungry towards the end so I went to the back of room and fed him. Other than that he got oohed and aaahed over and slept almost the whole time. He’s such a good baby.
  • I had my first real caffeine since before he was born. It didn’t seem to affect him too much so yay!

I can hardly believe I love the newborn stage this month. There are times I’m frustrated or over tired but that all melts away when I see his magical smile. So incredibly worth it.


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  1. He is getting some awesome facial expressions…you guys are doing great!

  2. Beth

    I have a tiny baby too. I don’t stress over her weight. I decided as long as she looks and feels like sh’es growing and the doctor isn’t concerned. I’m good to go!

  3. Nan

    I was bald until I was 3, so I’m very biased when I assert that bald babies are the cutest. Also whenever I look at a baby with hair, I think they look like Sonny Bono. It kind of freaks me out.

  4. Nan

    Did my comment get eaten?! Why do you do this to me, wordpress?!

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