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Weekly Wesley: Three


Joel went back to work so it was just Wesley and I this week. It went much better than I expected. Of course I basically get nothing done so my house is a bit of a disaster. My day basically goes: nurse, sit under Wesley while he naps, Wesley wakes up, change him, set him down and let him cry for a minute while I pee, grab water and food as fast as possible and repeat. So, not much gets done other than keeping the baby fed and happy. He doesn’t really nap more than a few minutes if I set him down.


This Saturday I tried my Maya wrap for the first time though and loved it so I’m hopeful that it will free my hands up a bit to at least get some things done. I also have a couple Moby wraps that I want to finally try. I’m pretty sure I can’t nurse him in the Moby though so I’m not sure it is practical since he eats so often right now.


Another thing that will (hopefully) help is this mamaRoo that Joel won! Wesley actually napped in it for almost an hour this weekend. It was pretty amazing. If I get some more hands free time I will be finishing and posting the birth story. I would really love to have it up before he hits the one month mark. We’ll see if life accommodates that goal though.


Wesley hit his birth weight finally. He actually went over it, by an ounce. Yay! I was getting sick of the weekly $20 copay just to set him on a scale. I mean, obviously if there was something wrong I’d want to know so we went. It’s nice that he hit that base now, it’s definitely a load off my mind.


He’s way more alert this week. Especially in the last couple of days. It’s fun that he has awake times that he’s not screaming his head off because he’s hungry or needs a diaper change. The alert times are only a few minutes long but I’m loving the eye contact. Plus, he makes the most hilarious faces. This kid is cracking me up already. I’m so excited to see his first “real” smiles. Joel actually got a real smile today. I’m not jealous yes I am.

Other milestones:

  • He rolled from his stomach to his back during tummy time on the 17th. I missed it again totally not jealous but Joel said he was kicking so hard that he (accidentally?) rolled himself over. It seemed to really startle him too.
  • He had his first big public outing which was to my nephew’s 2nd birthday party. He was passed around amongst my family and loved the attention.
  • Little man broke out with some serious newborn acne. Everything I’ve read said it doesn’t bother him which is good because it looks really painful. Hopefully it doesn’t stick around too long.
  • We got the photos from the newborn shoot in the mail. They’re so adorable! I’ll be posting my favorites a little later this week.

I’m hoping this next week is at least as smooth as the previous one. I know it’s too early to declare any kind of routine but I am definitely starting to feel more comfortable. I even have had moments where I actually felt like a mom. I think him being more alert has made me feel more connected to him. He is already so adorable and I can’t wait to get to know his little personality even more.


Seventh Anniversary


Weekly Wesley: Four


  1. Beth

    It sounds like you’re doing awesome. 🙂 E had terrible acne too, but it cleared up after awhile and all was fine.

  2. Aleta

    I love the pictures! What a cutie. My son made nine weeks today and hates tummy time. I hold him too much I think. But it’s so nice to cuddle.

  3. He is so cute! Yay for babywearing! You totally can nurse in all of the wraps, it takes a couple tries but is totally worth it. (here is a link that has tons of ways to nurse and wear your baby at the same time )

    As far as the baby acne goes, I have heard wonders with hazelwood necklaces clearing it up.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I love love love that you are wearing him! Just wanted to let you know that you can wear your baby and nurse him at the same time! It does take some practice but once you get the hang of it, it is SOOOO worth it! Here is a link that has a ton of demos.

    Also, I have heard amazing things about using hazelwood necklaces to get rid of the baby acne. We used the amber ones, and they worked wonders.

    Annndddd lastly, the dishes and housework can wait, snuggle that baby!

  5. Sounds like you’re doing great! I’m glad that you are feeling more comfortable now, it definitely makes life much easier.
    And remember, the cleaning and laundry and other ‘stuff’ can wait. He’ll only be little for a short time so soak it all up now.

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