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Skipping Christmas

Remember how I wasn’t that into Christmas but I listed all these things I was looking forward to and I started getting excited about it?

Joel caught my flu today.

I’m only just feeling better today. Which means that there isn’t much hope of Joel being magically fever free by tomorrow which is Christmas eve.

That sucks.

I know I talked about skipping Christmas and we kind of were anyway. We decided not to do presents for each other this year. I’m not a big present person so that doesn’t bother me.

But knowing I won’t be around my family eating delicious food kind of makes me want to cry.

This really sucks.

It’s obviously not his fault. I know how lousy this thing is. I feel awful for giving it to him. I wish I would have sent him to stay in a hotel or something while I was sick so he didn’t get it. Even it is wasn’t Christmas tomorrow I wouldn’t want him to feel so awful.

But yeah, it looks like I got my wish. I’m skipping Christmas this year. Joel and I will be home, sick and miserable.

Be careful what you wish for, right?



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  1. flygirlws

    Enjoy the weekend together, darling. Even if it's huddled under blankets with fevers and tissues and chicken soup – you are TOGETHER. That is part of the magic of the season… and while you won't be out and about with the rest of your family – the two of you ARE a family, and you will have a great Christmas.

    Love to you both!!!

    • You are so right. It took me a little while but I fixed my attitude and it ended up being a really relaxing, wonderful day. Joel and I rarely get time where it's just the two of us. It was really nice.

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