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Cutest safety video ever

My favorite thing about flight attendant training was learning the safety demo.

I may or may not be easily amused.

It was just so fun motioning to exits, doing the fasten/unfasten of the seat belt and putting on the oxygen mask just like I’d seen other flight attendants do so many times. Now I was one of them. It was when I really started to feel like a flight attendant.

On that note, there are all kinds of safety videos out there. This one is by far the most adorable one I’ve ever seen. Don’t you just want to take her home and put her on a shelf? ::squee::


Phoebe wants some pie


A leap into less than happiness?


  1. enamoredbyone

    OH MY GOSH!!! ::::squee!!!!!:::: If it wasn't the fact that the video was full of kids, it was her accent!!! AND I loved the other little girl's glasses… OH MY GOSH!!! LOVE it!!! Totally sharing this!! 😀

  2. The combination of that little girl's accent and the other little girl, with glasses, cannot be topped! What an adorable video! My best friend is a flight attendant and I am sure she will love this video!!!!

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