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(not so) Wordless Wednesdays: The food

The food. Oh the food. It was very different. Most of it was really tasty. Some things I still crave. A couple things triggered my gag reflex. It was tough to eat something with a smile on my face so not to offend the incredibly nice people who made it for us.

This is where we ate dinner most of the time.

My very favorite thing about the food though was eating with my hands. So fun.

The key is using your thumb to push the food into your mouth.

Street vendor food. Yes, that is a fried egg. It was actually delicious. Bonus: it didn’t kill me. Win!

My favorite food story: The main reason we went to India was to meet a new contact, A. A has a lot of big visions for ministry there but the main thing he’s working on is starting a school and getting clean water to a remote village in the mountains. When he was telling us about the food there he said that it’s too spicy for even him to eat. Remember when I told you that even the food they said wasn’t spicy made me cry? Yeah, my mouth probably would have melted had I tried to eat the village food. A told us not to worry though because they had peanut butter and jelly for when we’re up there. Great! We thought.

When we got to the village the first time it was just in time for dinner. Everyone was served their rice and whatever and they brought us our “peanut butter and jelly”. Except there was no peanut butter. And the bread was two giant tortillas. And the jelly was basically gelled sugar with fruit flavoring in a giant blob on one side. Better than having your tongue melt out of your mouth though.

Joel called it a jam-burrito.



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  1. So envious I love Indian Food, my husband works for Indian Owned company and I repeatedly ask for recipes but I think they guard them to their grave. I am yet to get one.

    • Yeah, I would have liked to get recipes for certain things but the language barrier and the fact that I wasn't really allowed in the kitchen (they're very into serving guests) made it so that didn't happen.

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