Leigh-Anne is a flight attendant as well and is definitely one I’d love to have on my flight. She gives sometimes snarky but always with some sweet accounts of her travels as a flight attendant. She’s also not afraid to give credit where it’s due and isn’t one of those flight attendant bloggers that only focuses on the negative. She seems to truly love her job which is something I really relate to and respect. This job we have? Definitely not suited for everyone.

Sometimes I wonder how I’ll fit my irregular lifestyle with being a parent. It just seems overwhelming and like it would be really difficult to figure out. I love hearing from people who have actually done it. Who not only make it work but still find a way to love it. That is one of my dreams and I hope I find a way to make it work for me like Leigh-Anne makes it work for her.


Wow. Abigail is off to India. Following her heart and her dreams. I am sure she has heard some negative feedback about her choice, but I for one applaud her. She is strong and confident and being true to her heart. I admire that, and wish I had learned that lesson much earlier in life. I thank her for the opportunity to share a bit of myself here, as she is off to the other side of the world to share a bit of herself there.

Dreams and Goals come in many forms.

From the child who dreams of being royalty, to the adult who dreams about their next big vacation, from the teenager who dreams of being a doctor, to the adult who dreams of retiring to a life of travel… we all dream and we all have goals. What happens when we lose sight of those goals? When we stop dreaming from our true inner spirit, and start focusing on the outside world – we end up losing sight of what is truly important.

Here’s my story, and how I learned an invaluable life lesson.

I always wanted to fly. I wanted to be a Flight Attendant, I wanted to be a Pilot – I just wanted to FLY. So much so, that I tried to join the Air Force. I was told my vision wasn’t good enough to be a pilot… so I gave up that dream. I then decided I’d give Flight Attending a try. I was told that wasn’t a job for “nice” girls, and had my dreams stomped on. I carried on to University, leaving my degree half way through. I then went on to College, failing to graduate because I refused to do my practicum. I then worked for a bit, and ended up getting a diploma at a Business School. I didn’t finish my specialty there, as I couldn’t focus long enough – I got out of there and got a job ASAP. It was a good job, working with and for great people. I still was restless. I switched positions within the company, always wanting more. I quit there, and had my first baby. I tried to run a day-home. I tried going back to office work. I had another baby. I tried the day-home again. I got yet another job. My resume would be quite long if I put everything I have done on it. Yet, I was never quite satisfied. I had lost my true dream, and was replacing it with dreams that weren’t mine, and weren’t making me truly happy.

I had lost myself. I was so wrapped up in what I thought other people wanted from me, what society thought was appropriate, what my parents thought, what my friends thought, what my husband thought – that I had no idea any more what I thought. I tried so hard to be perfect, that all I did was try.. I never achieved. I was miserable.

That’s when it hit me, I needed to get in the air. I needed to FLY. I got a job with an airline, working in their Call Centre. I loved it. I didn’t like the hours, but I loved the industry. I felt like I belonged. I made the move to Flight Attendant about 14 months after I started. I have never loved a job as much as I love this. I am meant to be in the air. I am at peace when I fly. I am making money doing something I love. I am living my dream.

In my move to the aviation industry, I became more at peace with who I am. I have learned that it doesn’t matter what other people think, it matters what I think. I became a better wife and a better mother. My children see my happy. My husband sees me joyful. I am more aware of my life, and how amazing it is. I am away a lot, yes, but the trade off is happiness. I’d take that over being home every night every time. It’s not a conventional life, but it’s our life and it works for us. My children will learn that being true to themselves is more important than making a million dollars. They will learn that even when they are parents, they are still people, with their own dreams and their own lives.

That is a lesson I’m thrilled to teach them.


For stories of her travels and adventures as a flight attendant be sure to check out her blog: Fly Girl’s Travels

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