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Crawling creatures

We were really lucky as far as creepy crawlers were concerned. I don’t remember seeing a spider or snake the entire time I was there. Our time certainly wasn’t without some critters though.

The absolute worst were the mosquitoes. Oh my freaking god the mosquitoes. They were awful. What was worse was our contact didn’t quite understand our need for mosquito nets. We had deet but that only lasts so long. Or Indian mosquitoes are immune to deet. Or a combination of both. Anyway, they made me occasionally lose my mind just a little.

What? It kept the bugs away from my face instead of me constantly swatting them away like an insane person.

One thing that became my best friend while I was there was their bug zapper.

I enjoy killing mosquitoes way too much for a normal/sane person.

Mosquitoes weren’t the only visitors in our house though. One day I was sitting on the floor eating dinner when a mouse scampered across the floor. Now, I’m not terrified of mice or anything but it was under the fridge and right next to the kitchen so I figured they’d want to do something about it. I mentioned it to them and their response was:

Them- “Was it a big one?”

Me -“Well, no.”

Them- “Oh ok, that’s fine then”

Me- (thinking) okaaaay….

So yeah, mouse in the house? Totally normal. Apparently. As long as it wasn’t big, no problem. Awesome.

And lastly, this picture I took specifically for my twitter bff Mandy. Mandy, I couldn’t see one of these little buddies and not think of you. This guy was just above my bed. You’re welcome. Love, Me.


Indian VIPs Part 2


End of the chapter


  1. Mandy

    Ewwwwwwww!!! His black eyes are evil!!! But thanks for the shout-out. Gross!

    • They are kind of evil looking. But they all stayed far out of the way and ate the mosquitoes which were my real nemesis so I was ok with them hanging out in my room.

  2. Please tell me where you went so I can make sure I don't go! I'm afraid of most creeping crawlers.

    I've been following your blog for quite a while and am pleased to say that I will be soon starting training as an FA this Monday 11/8!

    • This was in India.

      Thanks for reading my blog. Make sure and keep me updated on your flight attendant training! That's so exciting!

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