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The sweet song of rain

To me, rain is magical. My love for it is probably why I loved The Netherlands so much. Everything about it makes me happy.

The smell of wet dirt, grass and pavement.

The feel of the cool breeze against my face.

The sounds of rushing water, as if I suddenly live under a waterfall. The whishhhh of cars as they drive past, and the rumble of thunder in the distance.

It’s even better when it thunderstorms. The darkness to instant day as lighting streaks across the sky in it’s tree like form. The giant claps of thunder that almost make your heart stop for a split second.

The other day it thundered so loud Joel hit the living room floor. After we stopped crying from laughter he told me he thought it was a gunshot outside. Then I cried laughing all over again.

Thunderstorms change the weather in a matter of minutes. It can go from blistering hot to nearly chilly. From dry to humid. Or humid to dry. You just never know.

The unknown is the best part. There’s always a vague sense of danger. But as long as I’m home cozy and dry I know there’s little chance any harm will come to me.

Nothing makes me happy quite like rain. Nothing soothes me to sleep better.

I’m grateful for days when the skies are blue and the sun warms my face. But I wouldn’t mind if every night I was lulled to sleep by the song of rain.




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  1. Are you fall child? I am always blaming my love of rain and thunder for the fact that I was bron in November.

    • I'm actually a winter child. I was born in the middle of January. So you'd think I'd love snow… but nope, rain is my thing. Love it! Snow? Not nearly as much.

  2. sudriveraine

    I totally agree, especially about the sleep part. Seriously, is there a better way to fall asleep than listening to the rain on a (preferably tin) roof?

  3. Oh heck yes! There is absolutely nothing in the world better than curling up on the couch with your favorite person, a blanket and a hot beverage, watching the rain fall down the window pane. …and if it's cold enough, a roaring fire. Absolute bliss.

  4. I get sick of the rain, since it rains here a lot, however there is nothing better than the smell after the first rain in a long time.

    Well except the smell of basil, but they are pretty close.

    • Rain does smell delicious, doesn't it? It's best in the spring. Spring rain is in my top five favorite smells for sure.

      And I prefer rain at night. If it rained all day every day I'd get tired of it. I think.

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