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Fulfilling my Dreams

I found Chrystal through #wineparty (a twitter party every Friday night put on by the fabulous Kit). What kept me coming back to her blog were her hilarious vlogs, her creative crafts and the fact that she is also a Hoosier girl.

I can completely relate to her post. I’m such a dreamer but so many of my dreams have fallen by the wayside. That’s ok. It’s too easy to get caught up in what I haven’t gotten done yet instead of realizing the dreams I’ve had actually have already come true, just in a way I didn’t expect.

Thank you Chrystal for this beautiful reminder.


I’ve never really had just one goal for my life.

When I was very young, I had a pretty pink sun dress and I wanted to be a princess.

I remember bandaging a friend’s cut knee and wanting to be a nurse.

I argued with my brother and sister and wanted to be a lawyer.

I gave my heart to Jesus and I wanted to tell the world about His love.

I admired my teachers and I wanted to teach.

I sang in choir and I wanted to be a singer.

I was in so many plays throughout my childhood, and I treasured each one. I wanted to be an actress.

I’ve been examining my life lately and where I’ve gotten over the past 10 years. Honestly, I was disappointed in myself. I did not graduate with my high school class, I don’t have a career, I never went to college (one class), I’m not what I would consider successful, rich, skinny, or famous. I’m not a princess, a nurse, a lawyer, a minister, a teacher, a singer, or an actress. Then it struck me– God has given me a gift so much greater than that.

God gave me three beautiful, healthy, happy princesses–and a prince.

I tend to cuts, bruises, burns, and broken spirits.

I reason with a jury, fight for justice and truth, argue my point.

I am given so many chances each and every day to share God’s love with my precious children.

I get to share my knowledge with them, teach them everything I can in hopes that one day when they need it most, that morsel of wisdom will reveal itself and become useful once again.

I sing my ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider and This Little Piggy to a captivated audience who is the most receptive group for which I’ve ever performed.

I have played a damsel in distress, a superhero heroine, a grumpy troll, a fairy princess, and countless talking animals.

Looking back 10 years, I’m definitely, 100% not where I thought I’d be. Never in my life did I expect to turn out so frazzled, so ‘suburban housewife,’ or so blessed. So undeserving. So thankful. Thankful for my incredible husband of almost 9 years and four wonderful, amazing children. Thank you God, for helping me achieve my lifelong dreams.

Make sure you follow Crystal on Twitter: @mommafo

And don’t miss her vlogs over on her blog. Seriously, they will make you laugh:


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