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True rock and roll

Tonight I finally got to see one of my all time favorite bands in concert. One that I’ve been dying to see since I was, oh, 12 or so when I first fell in love with their music.


True rock and roll legends.

And trust me, when they take the stage you can see why they are legends.

First of all they look like they’ve been partying, hard, for the last 40-80 years. I’m not saying they’re old. I’m just saying that the rock and roll lifestyle is not an affective anti-aging method. You know it’s bad when I could tell from this far away.

Yep, we were cheapos responsible and bought lawn tickets. Made it so getting pictures of the actual band was impossible. The show however was every bit as enjoyable as any other where I’d been right next to the stage.

They’re just that amazing.

In fact, sitting out on the lawn was better in a lot of ways than having a seat. Joel and I got to stretch out and cuddle while we waited for them to play.

No comfier way to see a show, that’s for sure.

Then, when Aerosmith took the stage?

I died.

No really.

Oh. my. god. I love them.

I was impressed and kind of surprised by the range of ages at the show. There were plenty middle age folks like I expected but there were a ton of people our age and even a surprising number of kids. It’s so neat to me how Aerosmith spans generations without having changed their sound much at all.

Again, they’re just that good.

Highlights of the show were:

*Steven Tyler making a smoking pot gesture when he gave us lawn folks a shout out. Yeah, definitely a lot of pot smoking going on in my general vicinity. Unfortunately no one offered to share.

*Joe Perry “battling” his Guitar Hero self. He was sick of kids coming up to him and telling them they beat him in the game. He of course kicked his own ass. Then again, he was judging.

*Steven Tyler humping one of the cameras. Classy.

*Steven Tyler getting bras thrown at him. Some things never change. Also? Classy.

*Joey Kramer’s drum solo. He has some serious talent. He also loves attention…. as any good rock star should.

*Them playing too many of my favorite songs to name. Singing along with Steven Tyler live was just… ::sigh:: … incredible.

They’ve been one of my favorite bands since I was 12. I can’t think of any band I’ve liked as much for as long. We had tickets for their last tour (a year ago?) but Steven Tyler fell off the stage and broke his hip or something and they canceled the rest. Leaving me devastated of course. I was scared to get excited for this show until we were actually almost to the venue.

Thankfully it lived up to and exceeded my expectations. They were the last on a long list of bands I *had* to see in concert.

I think I saved the best for last.


Dollar, dollar bill y’all


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  1. oola

    Oooooooh, nice!!! I saw them when I was in my early teens, like 13 or 14. My first, and STILL the best best best concert I've ever been to (and that's comparing them to the likes of the Cure & Alice Cooper!). So glad you finally got to attend.

    Did you get a shirt? My only regret from that concert. 🙁

    • Yeah they were incredible. Every bit as good as I expected. Love.

      And no, I didn't get a shirt. They were *so* expensive. I just couldn't justify spending more on a t-shirt than I did for a ticket to the actual show.

  2. I think it's fair to call them old. Maybe not Rolling Stone old but nearly.
    Sounds like a great time, glad no one fell of the stage this time.

    • Yeah, they're pretty darn old. I think that makes the fact that they're still *total* rock stars all the more impressive.

  3. Haha this post was so cute! I love your expression! I used to love Areosmith when I was younger! I haven't listened to them in so long but I'm sure they put on a great show!

    • They really do. I'm so glad I was able to see them. You never know when you go see something you have such high expectations for if it will live up to them. This show? Completely did.

  4. It was truly and amazing show.

    I'm glad you found me. I always love meeting new people through my blog. Thanks for commenting.

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