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Updated: Best Caption


I love all the caption ideas you all left in the comments. Quite clever. I’m still no closer to understanding an actual reason for this ridiculous parking job but at least I got a couple good chuckles out of the deal. Thank you all for playing, I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.

The caption I chose made me laugh. Loudly. Whoever Andrew is, he knows his audience.

“My wife just landed 45 minutes ago when I was still watching the game”

I seriously need to know what kind of roofing emergency there could have been to warrant this horrendous parking job.

Hazards on and all.

I mean, I want to hope that something was seriously leaking. Although considering the utter lack of rain (notice the beautiful blue skies) I kind of doubt it.

It’s not a swanky car so I doubt he was worried about door nicks. Not to mention the 20 other open parking spaces.

So why? Why would anyone park like this ever? Is it really that hard to pull in at least kinda sorta straight?

I’m thinking this needs to be a caption contest actually. Mostly because I neeeed to know a possible reason for the insanity!

I’ll change the title to the best caption and credit the winner in a post update.

Ready? Go!


Good dog




  1. This could actually be parallel parking gone totally wrong 🙂

    • If it's actually an attempt at parallel parking? It's WAAAAY worse than I originally thought. I hope not.

      Would be funny though.

  2. wifeychronicles

    Hahaha maybe he wants people to think his job is super important.

    • He must. Because to me? Roofing doesn't strike me in the so-urgent-I-can't-even-park-properly category.

      Of course, what the heck do I know about roofing?

  3. enamoredbyone

    My wife was 9 1/2 (yes, I know) months pregnant and she wanted a stinkin' twinkie!! I couldn't say no, and I had to run in as fast as I could!! Don't you understand? Give me a break please… 9 1/2 months…

    • Ahahahaha! Good one.

      Nothing should get between a pregnant woman and her cravings.

      Not even silly parking spot lines. Psh.

  4. I really really had to pee.

  5. sudriveraine

    You must be drunk, I'm seeing crooked!

  6. Andrew

    Since this is an FA post, how about "My wife just landed 45 minutes ago when I was still watching the game"

    • This made me laugh for like five minutes.

      Which makes you the winner. Congrats!

      • Andrew

        United 1K, work in the airline industry, and am a 6th degree black belt for making it to the airport at the last minute. My wife will gladly attest to my arriving at the airport (SEA and HAM are my worst) with 3 minutes left to get to the gate. Oh, and I almost forgot to pick her up once, which is where this caption came from. It struck home a little too much…

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