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Done with brown

Number 23 on my 30 by 30 list (have you checked it out yet? You should) is to dye my hair something other than it’s natural color.

I’m a hair dye virgin. The most I’ve used is Kool-aid when I was a kid. It doesn’t work on dark hair by the way. Ten year old me felt so left out of all my pretty blond friends with their electric pink and purple hair. I’ve also used temporary dye so I guess I’m not totally a virgin. But my permanent hair dye cherry has yet to be popped.

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is just plain lack of money. I’ve never been one to spend gobs of money on my appearance and there are so many things I’d rather do with $75-$150 every six weeks or so. I had many friends that did the trendy chunky highlights in the late 90’s and when they decided to grow it out the in between was just awful. That scared me off any kind of hair dye for a long time.

The second reason is, I can’t decide what other color I’d like my hair to be. I have no idea what would look good with my skin tone and have never had a hair stylist that I trusted enough to tell me.

This is a pretty good representation of my current hair color

Don’t mind me, I’m just glowing white and stuffing my face with cotton candy. Also, try to ignore the massive amount of split ends I have. They’re still left over from that hair straightening incident.

As you can see I’m a brunette and proud of it. Before I fried my hair I always got compliments from the stylists when I’d get it cut. What? They say those things to everyone? Shut up.

I do like my hair color actually…. on the right days or in the right lighting. When the sun hits it, my hair has all kinds of natural highlights. As you can see from my skin tone I don’t get out in the sun all that often though.

A lot of the time it’s just blah. Boring. Brown. Mousy even. I’ve been told I look like a mouse before, I don’t need my hair helping out that image. So I want a change. I’ve looked pretty much the same since I was, um, 15? I feel like it’s a very grown up thing to dye your hair. Maybe I won’t get carded at the movies anymore.

If Since I’m going to dye my hair I don’t want to go halfway. I want something dramatic. I want people to notice. Last time I cut my hair the only person that noticed (including my sisters and mother) was my brother-in-law. Sad. I’m thinking red. Not like apple red, more deep, almost maroon red. Obviously I’d search out pictures and find a good color before I just go in and say “Dye it red.”

I’m totally open to suggestions though. The only thing I want is for it to be really different. I don’t just want a different color brown and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull off blond. So that pretty much leaves me with red right?

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Go!


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  1. Copper Chestnut!

  2. LizzyDanger

    Ok. As someone who has changed hair colors every 3 months for over a decade,(and a hairdressers daughter) I think blond would be cute! Plus being blond is good for your spirit. Seriously.I can’t explain it, but it is. Red would be cute too, but red fades. Its a bummer. And. If you end up not liking the blond, its an easier fix. Red is hard to get rid of.
    So that’s my 2 cents. Good luck!

  3. Admin

    From your "avatar" picture of you sitting in the sun, it looks like your hair has a bit of a red undertone anyway, so a deep auburn-y color would probably suit you very well. Just be careful about dyeing your hair red – it fades SO SO fast, faster than any other dye color! You'll definitely want to invest in some hair care products specifically for dyed hair. Another thought I had was a deeper brown with some high- and low-lighting to give it major depth; you could even make some of those red so that you get that reddish tint in the sun without having to deal with the major red dye fade. Plus, I think dark dark brown hair looks awesome against pale skin! -Amber/Tomboy Femme

    • I have heard that red hair fades fast. I get my hair done at the Aveda institute and I think they have good products for colored hair so if I go red I'll be sure to pick some up. Or do you have a better suggestion for products that prevent fade?

      The darker brown with high and lowlights is a good idea though too. I'll consider that.

      Thanks so much!

      • Admin

        Nope, I think you'd do pretty well with Aveda products! One of my best friends swears by anything Aveda, so they must be one of the best. 🙂 Have fun! I loooove dyeing my hair; it's one of my favorite things to do for a little bit of change.

  4. Do some auburn highlights! Light redish tint… Have fun popping your cherry!

  5. Sabrina Macready

    Hibiscus maybe?

  6. I suggest just going up or down a few shades until you find one you really like… So maybe start by finding one that's a few shades lighter or darker than your current colour (I'm in NZ, yes that U is supposed to be there :P), to get used to the change, and just keep going up, or down until you find one you fall in love with.

  7. Was thinking you might like a lighter shade of brown with copper and caramel highlights. Or a caramel & red highlighting to your natural coloring!

  8. I have blonde hair, and back when I was 13 and into that kind of thing I decided to dye my hair black. Thankfully my mum told me in no uncertain terms I was not allowed to dye it black. Blonde hair is amazing, but not if it's obviously fake. Then I really don't like it.

    I have a friend with dark brown hair who dyed hers deep purple, violet really, and that looked really nice because you couldn't properly tell if she'd dyed it until she stood in the sun. Another friend with brown hair like yours dyed hers red, but with hair dye bought from a shop, not from a hairdressers. It went really bright red, like a tomato but fluorescent. She went to the hairdressers who told her to wash it, so it went kind of pink, and then she got it dyed back brown again.

    Just to make you feel better about dying your hair red 😛

    • It's probably good your mom didn't let you dye your hair black. Naturally blond hair is so beautiful. I agree with you though. Fake blond? Not so attractive.

      Also, your story is exactly why I will definitely be getting my hair dyed at the salon. Not that things couldn't go wrong but at least then they have to fix it.

      Thanks for the ::cough:: encouraging ::cough:: words.

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