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Mail garbage

As you can see, I’m STILL blogging from my iPhone. I know, lame right? You all are going to forget I ever went to The Netherlands, much less took pictures.

What’s holding things up is the mail. See, AT&T would only mail the router to the new address. That’s fine except we couldn’t get our mail keys until we turned in our inspection sheet. Why we put that off I’m not really sure but we finally got it done today. My thoughts were “yay, Internet!” Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone but he and I need a little time apart. I need to miss him, you know?*

Joel emptied our mailbox and brought the contents upstairs. Not only was it full to the point of bursting, there were letters literally wadded up into balls and shoved in the cracks. Isn’t there some kind if law against that? Seriously, who does that? Perhaps we were lucky that none of it was actually our mail yet.

Our mail should have started forwarding several days ago. So, while I’m happy that it wasn’t our mail that was treated like garbage, I have no idea where it actually is. Of course it’s the weekend so we have no way of calling anyone to find out either.

I’m really hoping everything gets sorted out Monday. I’m sick of functioning at dial up speeds on this tiny little screen. I’m also a little worried about where all our mail has been going for half a week. Obviously I’ll keep you updated. Cross your fingers for us.

*Yes, I’m talking about my iPhone like it’s a person. Also yes, my iPhone is a boy.




I was sad again


  1. Our mail person used to do that, too. Pissed me off. Also? our mailbox would mysteriously just be open from time to time. They tried to say it was my fault that I didn't pick up the mail often enough & it just got too full…but I could tell the mailman was leaving it open….I hated that. I'm so glad we have our own actual mail box now….

    • Ugh that's even worse. I don't understand. Doesn't it count as mail tampering or something? At least it wasn't actually our mail. (does saying that make me a bad person?)

  2. Because my blog is apparently not accepting comments from iPhones? I am all tappity fingers of impatience for you to get the new router set up.

    And there should be a law against smushing the mail into little balls and shoving it into the cracks.

    Where's the pride, mail delivery person?

    • Lol, I love your tappity fingers. Trust me, no fingers were more tappity than mine to get the router set up though. FINALLY I have internet at home. Woot!

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