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Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend. I know I did.

Pretty sparklers.

A little variation on my fruit pizza. It wasn’t quite as good as normal but that’s because I used Stevia instead of real sugar. Not a good substitute. Lesson learned.

The fireworks over Indianapolis, accompanied by the soundtrack on the radio were beautiful as usual.

Love fireworks! (As long as they’re professional.)

If you know me well enough you know I’m not a fan of at-home fireworks. The risk of blowing a hand off or losing part of a face far outweighs the prettiness or excitement in my mind. Most of the people I was hanging out with did not agree with me.

Phoebe, who was fine when the regular fireworks were going off was not impressed by the so-loud-they-set-off-car-alarms firecrackers. She crawled up as far as she could and held on for dear life. Poor puppy.

We had a blast both literally and figuratively. I do love the Fourth of July. Happy birthday, America.


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  1. I know you mentioned you used stevia, but I honestly didn't notice. I thought it was super yummy.

    • I'm glad you liked it. Next time we see you guys I'll make a regular one and you'll see why I was disappointed. This one was good but the regular one is to die for.

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