You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!

Fun weekends wear me out

This picture perfectly illustrates how I feel right now.


It was such a fun weekend. As always though it’s good to be home and back in our own bed. It probably didn’t help that as soon as we got back I went to a soccer game and then did Week 1 Day 3 of C25K. Crazy? Yup. I’m committed though. I’ll write more about that over at Running Between Tweets tomorrow though (like that teaser?).

For now I don’t want to think about the massive amounts of laundry I have to get done much less moving. All I want to do is sleep, so I’m off to do just that. Good night!


Happy 4th of July!


Photo booth tricks


  1. uhhh that photo is freaking adorable. 🙂 Hope you get all rested up.

    • Isn't it? She's so silly.

      Funny how I always feel like I need a vacation from a vacation. I'm sure I'll snap back into my normal routine before long though.

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