You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!

What did I get myself into?

I mentioned before that a friend of mine asked me to join a soccer league with her. I said yes. My first practice is today and after running out to get my equipment I’m beginning to think I should file this under the what-was-I-thinking category.

At the Sox game last I got a coupon to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Normally that would have gone straight into the recycling bin but I needed soccer gear so off I went.

I can’t remember the last time I was in a sporting goods store. I think there was one at a mall I used to frequent and you had to walk through Dick’s to get to the rest of the mall. Actually being in one to buy something? I have no idea. Those places are massive! Since I’m clueless I immediately went to an associate and asked where soccer stuff was.

Over there in team sports.

Team sports, got it. I wandered through golf then running and managed to find the soccer section ok. I needed shin guards, socks and shorts. Hm, there’s a whole wall full of shin guards. Kids, small, medium or large…. How the heck do you know what size your shins are? Luckily I found someone to ask. He pointed me in a general direction of a measuring device.

Um, sure…. as I wander cluelessly in the direction he pointed.

I was looking for something like what you stick your feet in to measure shoes. Makes sense right? Nope, it was just a stick on the wall to tell you how tall you are. I stood against it and the guy said I was about 5’5″.

That puts you in a large.

Um, did he just call my shins fat? Whatever. Since I still had his attention I asked him about socks to wear under my shin guards.

You wear the socks over the shin guards.

::blush:: Haha, that could’ve been embarrassing.

He didn’t seem amused. What? Did they name Dick’s after the attitude their employees have. Geeze!

He went back to ignoring me while I looked through a rack of Adult soccer shorts. There were only two racks there, Kids and Adults but the smallest adult size was medium. I held it up to myself but it looked HUGE. So I asked if they had anything smaller.

Yea, those are men’s. Women’s are over there in soccer stuff.

I thought I was in soccer stuff. ::sigh:: And since when does Adult = Mens? Sexist.

I wandered to the other side of the store and finally managed to find the shorts.

Women’s shorts, which looks basically the same as the “men’s” shorts, they just come in smaller sizes.

So my trip to Dicks was a success, I think. I called my little sister to find out if there are any more dumb mistakes I could make… like putting my socks on under the shin guards instead of over. She laughed at me a little, but she was also nice and explained a couple rules I wasn’t sure about. I think I know what’s going on now. I think.

The whole Dick’s experience has made me even more nervous than I already was. My friend who invited me onto the team isn’t even going to be there tonight which doesn’t help my nerves either. Since I know no one else on the team.

If I make a giant fool out of myself at least it’ll make for a funny blog post, right?


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