You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


Did you notice? My blog got a mini makeover. I’m considering this theme a temporary one since eventually I’d like to make a super fancy custom one. My old theme didn’t support a lot of the features I wanted though so here it is, my shiny new blog look. What do you think?

Let me give you a little tour so you don’t miss any of the new features:

1. I got a brand new favicon. Don’t know what that means? Look up in your browser window right next to my url. See the little picture of me? You may need to clear your cache or reopen your browser to get the full effect.

2. Drop down menus. Check under my 30 by 30 page at the top. There are now links to the Time best 100 movies and books lists that I’m working my way through.

3. Look to your right. See that button? That’s to our HelpSend.Us website. We are currently raising money for a trip to India where we hope to work with a children’s home and do other humanitarian aid work. Any help, whether it’s financial or help spreading the word makes a difference.

4. Comments. I installed Intense Debate so now you’ll be able to reply to specific comments, subscribe to comments and a whole bunch of other useful features. Check out Intense Debate’s website so you can take full advantage.

Feel free to let me know how much you love it. Or if there’s something broken you can tell me that too, either way.


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  1. I LOVE the new design – L O V E! (I'm pretty jealous!)

  2. Seriously, coming over here is like a little slice of visual Heaven! Just lovely.

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