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Battle wounds

Yesterday night I had a soccer game and I got beat up. The team we played against was rough and mean. Especially the girls. I mean, I’m competitive and play hard but they were practically growling. Plus, the elbowing and tripping were not necessary. It’s just for fun people! There is no prize! (or at least I don’t think there’s one) Anyway, the extreme aggression is just pointless.

Because of the over zealousness of the other team I ended up taking several falls and am quite sore today. I also ended up with some pretty decent marks and bruises. Most of them are boring scrapes and such, but one I am actually pretty proud of. I’m impressed with it mostly because it came from an awesome block on my part, if I do say so myself. A guy took a shot at the goal and I saved it with my knee. It stung like crazy! Enough that the dude asked if I was ok. It was a hard hit. I was fine but when I got home I took a better look.

Yes, that is an imprint of the soccer ball on my knee. Jealous?

I’m sorry but that? Is a pretty cool bruise. It’s more than 24 hours later and it’s still there in the same shape although it’s faded a little. Not exactly the sexiest thing around but I think Joel is impressed and that’s what really matters.

If you see me I won’t be rocking shorts for the next couple of weeks until these marks start to go away. Right now it’s very obvious that I got in a fight with a soccer ball… and it won.


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  1. That is so awesome! You are all hard-core!

    But . . . OW!

  2. Jemig de pemig, very impressive!

  3. Stefan

    Holy %&*@… Looks painful, but a badge of honor none the less! 🙂 Dudes dig scars on women!!!!!

  4. Nae

    Don’t cover it up! My gosh! Do you know nothing about soccer? You show that off or you’re not a true soccer player.

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