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Twitter is great for inspiration

I have mentioned how much I love Twitter. I have met some incredibly wonderful, interesting people on there. One great aspect of Twitter is being able to get dozens of opinions in a very short period of time. I have used it several times for fashion advice which is great because I seem to have trouble dressing myself. One quick tweet and within minutes I have a dozen different opinions on what I should or shouldn’t wear. I love it. Tonight I was lacking inspiration on what to post about so I asked Twitter. I got a bunch of great ideas. Obviously I won’t be using all of them tonight but I have several filed for later use. Tonight’s chosen subject was food and the idea was from the lovely Jess who blogs at The Bottle Chronicles.

We’re looking into moving back into the city. I am totally a city girl and this whole living in the suburbs thing is killing me. It’s not that I hate where we live. I just can’t stand not having things around and open all the time. The other day we had friends over. We were coming home from a concert so it was about 11:30pm on a Friday. We were hungry and since we were about 20 minutes from home I decided to order a pizza so it would be ready right when we got home. I called Papa John’s.

Sorry, we closed at 11.

On a Friday?!

I called around to the other pizza places in the area but wouldn’t you know ever single one was already closed. Turns out the only real options after 10pm around where I live for real food are TGI Fridays or Buffalo Wild Wings. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of those places but how about a little variety. I could understand if it was a week night but on the weekend? I feel like I should be able to order a freaking pizza in the middle of the night.

Maybe it isn’t the best idea to make a major move based on when I can order pizza. I did love living up there before for many more reason than the food selection, although that was a major bonus. Almost any ethnicity of food you can think of was within several blocks of us. My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. Yum…

::comes back from food daydream::

Sorry. Anyway, there are tons of other great reasons to move into the city. Not the least of which is there being so much more to do at almost any time of the day. I’m really hoping we can find an affordable, decent place that accepts little dogs. We will have to decide if it’s worth the commute for Joel though because that was pretty annoying when he had to do that before. ::sigh:: Decisions, decisions.

I’m sure I’ll write more about it as we begin looking at places. Apartment hunting can be fun and exciting but it’s a pain moving our stuff every year or so. I can’t wait to just find one place that we love and settle there for awhile. Never thought I’d say that.

Maybe I’m ready to stop being such a nomad…. Maybe. But only if there’s really good pizza nearby.


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  1. People tease me relentlessly but I feel so much the same about twitter!
    support help mirth 🙂
    it’s my go-to for all thangs as of late…

  2. Yes, I have had a Twitter account for ages but only recently have really started to use it. I never realized what a great resource it is. I’m so glad I am now really using it. Although I am completely addicted, haha.

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