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TV has corrupted me

I can’t suck through a straw because doing so could dislodge a clot from the wound and create a dry socket. (incredibly painful I’ve heard.)

I can’t spit for the same reason. This makes brushing my teeth incredibly annoying and they never feel really clean.

My jaw is still really stiff and sore so I can’t open my mouth very wide. Eating a sandwich or banana is next to impossible.

My life is one big that’s what she said joke.


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  1. Do everything you can to avoid Dry Sockets – they do suck! 🙁

    How are you feeling otherwise? Any bruising?

    Hope you feel better soon, also hope they gave you more drugs!

  2. I’m feeling much better. Still haven’t noticed any bruising so maybe I got lucky with that. ::crosses fingers:: I didn’t end up getting more drugs because ibuprofen seems to take care of it and I hate how the stronger stuff makes me feel. I am ready to start eating food like a normal person though, lol.

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