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The Amazing Phoebe

I mentioned before how we have started Phoebe in agility class. Luckily I have since learned how to dress myself. Phoebe has also improved a great deal. She’s definitely not perfect and she has a long way to go but it’s really fun to watch her run through the obstacles.

Please ignore my “puppy voice” I don’t normally talk like that (I’m pretty sure)

Her biggest problem, which you can see in the video, is when we’re running around the course she gets frustrated or excited and starts barking at me. Not sure why exactly she’s doing it or how to fix it but I’m working on it. She’s very much in her teenage years and is really pushing the boundaries. If anyone is a dog expert and has any suggestions what to do when she “talks back” or refuses to come when I call her I would love to hear them. She was doing so well and I’m not sure if this is normal behavior that will work itself out or is because of something I’m doing wrong.

I’m really glad she a dog and not a person because that means she’ll go through her teenage phase 7 times faster. I don’t know how you mamas do it. I applaud you.


Mother’s Day at the park


Sunny Smiles


  1. I love love love training dogs. Not good at it at all and never really had time to fully get into it, but I used to go to watch agility competitions all the time when I had my fat stubborn pug… yeah, she was more into watching than doing it but we both dreamed… As soon as kids are old enough we are getting another dog.

  2. It is so much fun! The best part is seeing her get things and improve. Like the A-frame in the video. A couple weeks ago it scared her and she would not run up it. Now she bounds over it like it’s nothing. It’s so rewarding for both of us.

  3. I am all jealous. We have a very well behaved Labrador and an incorrigible Lakeland Terrier. And oh my god, do I love Mr. Bad Behavior more than any dog I have ever had! He will not do anything I say unless I am holding a treat. But he LOVES me! And he is teddy-bear adorable.

    I am sure that this says all sorts of bad things about my character flaws.

    I DREAM of being dog owner who could do agility courses.

    So cool.

  4. At least your well behaved dog is the bigger one, haha.

    The whole training process has been easier since I’ve been out of work almost the entire time we’ve had Phoebe though. When I have no job that leaves a lot of endless hours I can spend training her… or twittering, whatever.

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