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So proud of my mom

After four long years of very hard work my mom has officially graduated from the school of nursing.

I am so incredibly proud of her. She worked so hard. While juggling six kids and several grandkids she managed to graduate with honors. Sometimes it felt like she’d never finish, both to herself and to the kids who constantly struggled to get a hold of her while she studied for some test or wrote some paper. She did it though and we’re all super proud of all her hard work. Joel and I are working on a little video with more pictures and some video clips from the day and the ceremony. Hopefully I can get that up tomorrow.


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  1. yay! I know she worked very hard & I’m proud of her, too!! 😉 Glad to be connected to your family! ((hugs))

  2. congratulations. I did my 2nd study just before i got pregnant with Morten and that was hard already! Running a busy household like that counts for double jobs if not more. Lots of admiration from the Netherlands!

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