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NBC should totally hire me

Remember how last time I went to book club I was told I look like Erin from the office? I could kind of see it. Last night I was told I look like Annie from Community. I don’t really watch the show so I had to look it up and I don’t see it nearly as much.

I will leave it to you Internet. What do you think?

Erin?                                         or                                            Annie?

Either way, I’m clearly NBC comedy’s type and they should call my people asap.


Laughter is good for you


Summer Dreamin’


  1. Ummmm . . . the three of you?

    Are like sisters!

  2. It’s crazy isn’t it? Seriously, I must be their type. I expect a call for my own comedy any day now 😉

  3. Wow! What Kris said! So similar!

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