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Mother’s Day at the park

Big thanks to Joel for putting this together for me.

Here is the video we made yesterday. It was such a wonderful day. My sister Liz was very much missed. Why does California have to be so far away? Other than that the day was perfect. I love my family, especially my mother. ::smile::


Happy Mother’s Day


The Amazing Phoebe


  1. Liz

    That’s awesome, love the video. And I missed you guys too. 🙂

  2. ah… that was fun! was that made on a mac? oh, how i want one… lol

    p.s. i miss liz, too!

  3. I LOVED this video. How much fun! (Seriously, I loved the scene where you guys are floating back onto the swings – major LOLz from me!)

    Looks like Mother’s Day was great fun and relaxing for you!



  4. I love swings! Great video. Seriously great.

    Love the part where you fly off of the swings and then backwards through the air and back onto the swings. That is genius!

  5. nice to see you all again!

  6. Yeah the floating backwards cracked all of us up. I kid you not, the group of us sat around the camera right after we taped that part and watched it forwards and backwards like five times. Laughing every time of course. As a family, we’re easily amused, haha.

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