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I’m going to love it when I’m 40

Joel and I love going to the movies. We usually go once a week or so. I go mostly for the popcorn but that’s beside the point. We are also a big fan of horror movies. I’ve been going through the horror classics recently. Most of them I was too young (or not born) when they first came out and never got around to watching them until recently. You know, Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, Child’s Play etc. I was excited when I heard that they were remaking Nightmare on Elm St. since we just saw the classic version recently too.

Now, keep in mind three things. First, the theater we see movies at we visit almost once a week. It’s not like they’ve never seen us there before. Joel can’t ever remember which way to swipe his credit card but that isn’t the point either. Second, I am 24 years old and Joel is 28. Third, you have to be 17 to see an R rated movie.

We walked into the theater about five minutes before the show started. (I take awhile to get ready. I mean there was traffic…. what?) Thankfully there wasn’t a line. We walked up to the counter:

Me- Two tickets to A Nightmare on Elm St. please

Teenage theater worker – Can I see your ID’s?

Me- ::dies laughing::

I seriously laughed out loud to that kid’s face. Of course we handed over our ID’s and as soon as he looked at them his face got all red.

TTW- oh wow, you guys look a lot younger than you actually are.

And by a lot younger apparently he means 16. Or, almost half our age. I’ve been told I’ll like this whole looking way younger than I am thing later in life. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me now. I just wish it was a marketable talent. Anyone have a Never-Been-Kissed style undercover assignment they need someone for? I would be so awesome at high school now.

P.S. the movie theater? Full of underage kiddos. I’m fairly certain we were the only people over 17 in there. Now THAT’S how they should test age. Me, yelling at the noisy 12 year-olds sitting behind us = old lady




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  1. Wow. I am sooo jealous. I wish I would still get id’ed.

    By the way…how was the movie? Hesitant on seeing it.

  2. I always get ID’d. But I’m 20, and I look 12, so I get it.

  3. Yeah, I always get carded for alcohol, I get that. It’s been awhile since I was carded for R rated movies though. Although, considering the audience it looks like that theater has a problem with young kids sneaking in.

    The movie was pretty good. Not very scary but I didn’t think the first one was very scary either. There were a couple of tense or jumpy moments but nothing too bad. I liked it better than the original. I actually think the original was more bloody which was surprising to me. If you don’t like super scary movies I think you’ll be ok with this one.

  4. I am 44, and I was carded all the way up until I had children (my first at age 33). Now? Not so much. Children, apparently, are quite aging.

    Who knew?

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