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Rainy day running

Some brilliant twitter friends of mine suggested that my running headaches might be due to allergies and not my body rebelling against the exercise. I have both positive and negative feeling about this idea. On the one hand it would be great to know what my problem was so I could treat it. On the other hand I never had allergies before so the idea that I may have developed them sucks big time. Today was the perfect day to test the theory since it was raining all day and I assume that means pollen can’t be flying all around. I was kind of stalling to go for the run because, let’s face it, I have motivation issues. However knowing that my internet friends were still at it and if I didn’t run today I would fall behind was enough to get my butt out the door. For once my procrastination paid off and it had stopped raining by the time I finally decided to go, score!

I took Phoebe along again but she was less than pleased this time. Phoebe hates the rain. Usually this is good for me because she gets her business done as fast as possible and races back to the house. I thought it would be ok because it wasn’t actually raining but apparently wet ground is equally awful for the princess. There were literally times that I was dragging her. I didn’t get any pictures but imagine if this were a five pound papillon.

That’s pretty much how it looked. I probably looked like the worst pet owner ever dragging my dog down the street. It wasn’t like that the entire time or I definitely would’ve swung back to the house and dropped her off. She would run right along with me for awhile and then we’d come to a puddle or something and she’d go all stubborn mule on me. Guess it made my workout better since I was dragging a five pound weight around half the time?

She might also have been upset with me because I made her go out in a rain coat.

She looks so darn cute in it though!

She was probably all “My doggie friends are going to seee me like this. Ugh!”

It was for her own good though and not just because of the cute factor that I made her wear it. I just applied her flea medicine yesterday and she’s not supposed to get wet for at least 48 hours. I was not about to let an unexpected downpour wash off her (very expensive) flea medicine and risk getting fleas which would end up costing me more money. So she wore the darn coat and she hated every second of running.

Other than puppy troubles the run actually went really well. I can already tell it’s getting a little easier. It was past halfway before I started to get very tired. I’m pretty excited that this program is actually working! I might actually turn out to be a runner after all. I didn’t get a headache at all this time which means the allergy theory is probably correct. I had no idea allergies could cause no symptoms other than headaches. I’m going to keep and eye on the pollen count and when it’s high I’m going to try taking something and see if it helps. I’ll keep everyone updated.

I hope all my other C25Kers are doing well. It’s such motivation knowing I’m not alone in this. Together we can do this. Woot!


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  1. I love the name of your blog. I don’t know how you deal with ppl on these planes. I don’t know how you can fly that much. I’m scared to death, I go anyway but I’m the one with the xanax in the aisle row sharing my entire life story with the man next to be and cursing God that he is not the man of my dreams, you know should you look for me on one of your flights.

  2. Thanks! I’ve loved flying since I was little. Guess it’s one of those things you either love or you have to get drugged up for, haha.

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