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Mashed Potatoes and other stuff about my wisdom teeth

That’s basically what I’ve been living on the last two day. I also ate some Campbells chicken and stars soup. Well, I tried anyway but mostly I ended up sipping the broth. That says a lot about my level of hunger because I hate chicken noodle soup and I hate chicken broth even more. However, after an entire day of eating nothing at all it tasted delicious. We have a fridge full of pudding and jello but for some reason those don’t sound good to me at all. I just want real food I think and sweets just won’t cut it. I’ve always craved salt more than sweets anyway so this shouldn’t really be a surprise to me.

So yeah, I’m surviving. I’m not going to lie, getting wisdom teeth pulled sucks big time. Not the actual surgery because thankfully I don’t remember that at all. It was my first surgery of any kind so I was really scared of, ya know, dying. I decided to go under general anesthesia and any time you do that there’s a risk of death. However, I was more scared of being awake during the surgery. So I guess in my mind getting teeth pulled = scarier than death. Yep.

Like I mentioned yesterday, as far as I’ve been told I didn’t do anything crazy after I came out of it. I did however, cry like a baby. I very vaguely remember this. Poor Joel thought it was because I was in pain. I don’t remember being in pain, I just wanted to cry. Joel said the nurse told him “Oh that’s totally normal. These drugs make girls cry.” Like I said, very foggy memories of all this.

Other than some nauseous and counting down the minutes until I could take more pain meds the first day everything else has been pretty ok. I don’t love how I feel but it could be worse. I’m a little swollen but somehow have managed to avoid looking like a total chipmunk so far. I’m pretty sure it’s just because I already have an incredibly round face to begin with so the swelling just blends in. *shrug* I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. If I wake up tomorrow looking like a bobble head you’ll know why.

The best part of all this is the treatment I’m getting from Joel. His concern is completely adorable. He won’t let me do anything except lie around, twitter, catch up on blogs and watch movies. I’m being treated like a total princess and I’m not gonna lie, I’m loving it. If he’s home he even gets my meds for me. I know it’s mushy but he really deserves a shout out for all this because I couldn’t ask for a better caretaker. *cue awwws*

So yeah, that’s pretty much the update. I spared you any of the gory details so you’re welcome. Let’s just say I took a look inside my mouth and had to sit down because it made me light headed. I’ve never been good about the sight of my own wounds (I’m a fainter). If any of you have any food options that aren’t sweet but don’t need to be chewed I’m all ears. Mashed potatoes are delicious but I wouldn’t mind some variety too.

Also, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and stories. I can barely talk and that would drive me crazy if I didn’t have my twitter buddies to chat with. You all are the best *group hug*






  1. Mushy peas… they’re soft enough that chewing isn’t required, and you can kind of suck them down, which sounds disgusting I know, but it works. And you don’t choke on them, so thats a plus! I hope you can eat soon 🙂

  2. Oh that’s a good idea actually. I’m seriously almost considering baby food at this point. I know some people would love to live on ice cream and pudding but I’m a weirdo I guess. I need “real” food. And by real food I mean not sweet mush.

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