If you missed part one make sure you check it out first.

After we finished the Coors tour we headed over to Scum of the Earth Church to set up for the Five Iron Frenzy DVD screening.

Our new friend Michael vacuuming like a champ.

My job was the popcorn. What’s a movie screening without popcorn after all?

On a side note, this church building is incredible. It was owned by an artist before Scum bought it and I have never seen anything quite like it. Here is a little tour:

The best part though? The bathroom. No joke guys, check this out.

Amazing, right? I want a bathroom just like this. Now I just need to find someone who can do this. Make sure you click on the photos to enlarge although our crummy point and shoot camera doesn’t do it justice.

Anyway, back to the screening.

Joel was very excited to be there.

Members of the band introducing the film.

It was a fun documentary to watch. I’m a fan of the band (although not nearly to the extent of Joel or other invitees there that night) so it was really neat to see the ins and outs of their journey. There are so many good memories associated with Five Iron Frenzy for me. All of them include Joel. We went to several shows together and although we weren’t “together” I definitely had a crush on him back then. It’s fun for me to remember being a 17 year old and driving out to Denver from Chicago for Five Iron’s final show. Joel and I flirted the whole way there and back. There was even a point where I thought he might kiss me. Instead he shoved snow in my face. Years later he told me he thought about kissing me then but decided against it at the last second… *grin* We wouldn’t become anything more than friends for more than two years but I like to think Five Iron was a part of that initial spark that later led to me marrying the love of my life. Seven years later the fact that Five Iron broke up still makes me a little sad. I’m so happy that I’ve made so many neat friends out of it though.

On that happy note I’m going to end this post. More pictures to come tomorrow.