Joel and I have been subscribers to the Lookingglass Theatre for a couple seasons now and they never fail to put on spectacular productions. I saw a preview of Trust last night and it was no exception.

Trust is an original play written by David Schwimmer and Andy Bellin and directed by David Schwimmer and Heidi Stillman. It’s an honest, heart wrenching look into the world of internet dangers. It was very raw and I found watching it to be emotional and almost difficult at times. It’s a genuine portrayal of a loving, all American family being suddenly shaken by the unthinkable.

The characters were played flawlessly. The set was minimal and high tech at the same time. It was a creative melding of stage and live media.

I loved it. It was so real and sometimes reality is hard to watch. It wasn’t sugar coated or nice because the subject matter isn’t nice. Internet danger is something that every family should be aware of. Personally, I believe this play is a must-see for all parents. Due to the intense subject matter Lookingglass Theatre has counselors available and post show discussions are held after every show.

I believe the goal of this show is not to entertain but to make you feel. It rips your heart out and is unapologetically thought provoking. I found myself in tears more than once. It raises awareness about an incredibly relevant issue. This play is about life and all too often life is not pretty.

If you go: Tickets can be purchased Online or by calling the box office 312.337.0665. Keep in mind the play is rate R and parents may not find it suitable for young teens.