Tonight we set our clocks forward. Spring forward if you will. Seriously, that’s the only way I can remember when we do what. Spring forward, Fall back. Although I’m not really sure why you can’t spring back and fall forward… I sure have fallen forward before. I guess springing back would be trickier. I better stop, I’m confusing myself. One thing I never can remember is when “daylight savings time” is. Are we entering it now or did it just end? Anyone have a fun mnemonic device to help me remember that?

Anyway, we’re one week away from the first official day of spring. All the snow has melted and so has the ice on the lake. I awake to the sounds of birds chirping. The geese are coming back to the pond (which drives Phoebe nuts). I even saw my first robin today. The thing is, I can’t let myself get excited about it yet. Yes, the last week or so the weather has been beautiful. Even with the rain it hasn’t gotten very cold. However, I can’t remember a March when we didn’t have one last big snow.

I can’t decide if I’m being a pessimist or just realistic. I would love for it to be spring already. I went shopping a little today and all the spring and summer clothes in the store were calling my name. I’m just not packing up my sweaters yet. If they just sit in my closet that is perfectly fine with me. But when if that last snow of the year comes I’ll be ready for it. It always seems to happen but this is one thing I would have no problem being wrong about.