I got my feet measured for running shoes today because I’m going to run a marathon. This is number 5 on my 30 by 30 list in case anyone is keeping track. Anyway, my aunt runs a running supply store (heh heh a pun) so I was all fancy shmancy and got fitted for shoes. Perhaps I’m just a loser and this is very normal to all of you but this was my first time getting measured for shoe since my mom took me to Stride Rite.

Now, I have always had trouble buying shoes. They always seem to fit me in the store but I go home and find out they’re too big. Every stupid time. Also, they always seem bigger on my right foot than my left. Now I know why. My left foot is no less than one and a half sizes bigger than my right. My aunt told me it’s normal for feet to be as much as a half size different but a whole size and a half?! No wonder my shoes always seem too big. I seriously could get shoes in two different sizes. Of course that’s much more expensive so I opted to just get shoes that fit my giant left foot. Not that either of my feet are actually giant. I wear a size 6 on my left foot. With my size difference that makes my right foot a size 4 1/2.

Absolutely RI.diculous.