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No, you do NOT have the short haired version

I love taking Phoebe out with us. There aren’t many places that allow dogs around here but whenever we go somewhere like the pet store she comes along. Inevitably when she’s out with us she gets lots of attention. I’m always impressed when people know what kind of dog she is. Before we decided to get a dog and I did the research I didn’t know what a papillon looked like. However, too many times I have people who think they know what kind of dog she is.

“Aw! Look at the little chihuahua”

“I have the short haired version at home.”


Here’s a quick lesson in dog breeds:

Chihuahua =

Cute, but nothing at all like a papillon=

I mean seriously, how can you confuse this face

With this


I know people are just trying to be friendly so I’ll keep smiling and nodding. It’s just too much effort to explain that they don’t have a short haired version of my dog because there is no short haired version of a papillon. I won’t stop sighing though.


Unexpected consequence of too much snow


Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

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  1. Sorry people, chihuahuas are hideous. I don’t know how anyone could confuse your cute dog with one of those.

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