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We’re all okay

Best things about the last week:

1. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my sister. Naomi and I have a lot in common, we’ve had Sex and the City nights, gone to the movies, talked, laughed and cried together. Even though it’s because of crappy circumstances I’ve really glad we’re getting a chance to bond.

2. Being able to raid my sister’s closet at will. Naomi has the cutest clothes and staying here has made it so I can borrow outfits any time I want to.

3. Every time I get to see Joel it’s a really special treat. I don’t take a minute we spend together for granted anymore because we don’t get as many as we’re used to. I can’t wait to live with him again.

4. I take naps. I’ve mentioned before how much I need sleep. Since I don’t generally get as much as I’d like every night I have discovered the beauty of naps. Seriously, the 20 minute power nap is my secret weapon to sanity right now.

5. I’ve been reading more. Technically we don’t have internet here so I’ve been stealing it. Since I don’t want the nice neighbors who don’t have a secure wireless network to figure out that I’m using their internet I try not to get on it too much. It’s nice to expand my reading outside the world wide web.

6. My life is never boring anymore. Before I left for Cancun the most exciting thing that happened in my life was getting a new House dvd in the mail. While not all the excitement is positive, at least I’m never bored.

7. I get to take care of Naomi’s two adorable boys.

They are such sweet kids.

Seriously, look at those faces. I love those boys so much.

No matter what happens, there is always something to smile about.


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  1. I am so glad to hear you are all okay. I got the chance to “chat” with Naomi this morning on Facebook. Though I know she is going through something difficult, she did seem okay. I was glad. I am so glad you are there for her. That has to be an enormous help. You have always been the “big” sister, and good at it. Can’t imagine what it would be all the way out here in Oklahoma.. but other than praying if I can help please let me know.

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