I refuse to pay for TV. As a flight attendant my schedule was very erratic. I could never depend on being home on a certain day at a certain time so it never made sense for me to follow shows when they actually air. Before TV went digital I watched my shows exclusively online. If a show didn’t post episodes online I wasn’t interested in following it. Now that TV is digital I get perfect quality TV with an antenna so paying $70+ a month for cable just doesn’t make sense. Well perfect quality for every local station except CBS, that is.

I never really noticed it before. As I said, I can’t really count on being home so all the shows I follow I watch online. If I’m home I tune in on my TV but missing a show has never been an issue for me. I love lots of CBS shows and follow them every week. CBS has gotten many, many hours of my life. This year the Superbowl is being aired on CBS. We have a nice television this year and I was excited to watch the one night of football I get excited about a year on it. We had an old, very basic antenna and so I wasn’t too concerned when Joel told me we were unable to get CBS.

We went out and bought the nicest antenna we could find (a $100 one we got for $27 thanks to an employee discount) and I hooked it up. I was pleased to see how much better all the stations came in with no effort at all. I didn’t have to move or adjust the antenna from the place I had set it up. When I tried CBS however, nothing. Not even fuzz. Just a big fat NO SIGNAL. I moved the antenna everywhere. Turned it, raised it, lowered it… I tried everything except standing on my head. Not even a flicker. I looked it up online and I’m not the only person who has had problems getting CBS in my area.

I love the Superbowl. I am not a big sports person but I enjoy watching football. I feel like the Superbowl is an American tradition. Also, I’m not going to lie, I stinking love the commercials. It’s as much CBS’s loss as it is mine. If I was an advertiser I would be upset to know there are many people unable to view that station. Hopefully CBS does something to correct the problem, and soon. Until they do, when I think think of CBS all I see is the BS.

Update: Joel walked in, did nothing but rescan for channels (which I did twice) and suddenly we get CBS just fine. No effing way. This is is why I both love him and hate him. I try something technical for hours and nothing works, he just looks at it and it’s fine. Too bad I missed the entire game running around trying to find a place to watch it. B- freaking- S.