My main goal in going out to California was so relax and enjoy some quality time with my family that I miss very much. We had a few outings but a lot of time was spent just hanging around the house and having a good time. These are just a few random pictures from my time there.

This is the family relaxing around on the couch aka my bed. Hunter as you can see loved playing on my iPhone. Seriously, it’s the the worlds best, most expensive toddler toy. All of my nephews are obsessed with it. In fact, when I’m around them I have a hard time being able to get any time on my phone, haha.

Hunter has the best faces.

This is their puppy Lexi giving me kisses. When Phoebe saw this picture she looked confused and then she actually looked a little sad. It’s ok Phoebe, you’re still my favorite puppy.

We went over to a friend’s house while I was out there. They were making taco salad and decided to use their new Kitchen Aid mixer attachments to shred the cheese. The boys were being silly so they put on the kid’s goggles and helmets like they were using a dangerous piece of equipment. They then proceeded to want to shred everything in sight. They shredded onions, cucumbers and finally jalapeno peppers. They reached their limit when they starting talking about shredding oranges and bananas. Boys and their toys. haha.

I took this the last night I was there. We were both sad that I was leaving. I’m so happy they’re coming out for a visit soon. I can’t wait to see them them!