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What’s the big deal?

If you know me well you know I’m not embarrassed easily. This is because I am incredibly cool and never make a fool of myself. Not! Actually, I learned early on that it’s much better to laugh at yourself when you do something ridiculous. You know when people ask you what your most embarrassing moment is? I have a really hard time coming up with one. When something uncomfortable happens I generally just laugh it off and move on with my life.*

This is why I have never understood something. Why are people embarrassed to buy certain products at the drug store? Now I can kind of understand if you’re buying, say, Imodium or Beano (and if you are, bummer, so sorry). I don’t understand trying to hide condoms or tampons though. Here is my thinking.

1. Condoms: Um, hello! Someone is getting lucky. You should put the box on the top of your basket and walk around with a big ol’ smile. Good for you. Either you’re in a committed relationship where you know you’re going to use them or you’ve got a date and you’re optimistic. Either way, high five!

2. Tampons: Now, not many ladies I know are trying to bury their Playtex in the bottom of their cart. Some guys on the other had act like you just asked them to hand in their man card. The way I see it, if you’re obviously a man then it’s obviously not for you. So you’re either A. in a committed, loving relationship and you’re doing your significant other a favor or B. a really sweet friend/son/brother. Either way you come off looking like a super nice guy.

I’m lucky. Joel has no problem being a sweet and loving husband and getting me what I need for that time of the month. The other day was one of those times where I was running low and asked him to stop on his way home and grab me a box of tampons. That was all he needed so he took the box up to the register to check out. When the cashier started to put it in a plastic bag he stopped her and said he’d just carry it out since that was all he got. The lady smirked at him and said “Honey, if you want to carry this box out without a bag, you go right ahead.” like he was out of his mind.

It didn’t bother him though and we both got a giggle out of it when he got home. Plus, Joel knows that doing thoughtful things for me (see number 2) means using more of other things (see number 1). And that, my friend, is nothing to be embarrassed about.

*Now I have surely jinxed myself and will have a mortifying experience in the near future. Greaaaat.


The one where you say “Aw!”


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  1. Rachel

    Hahaha. That’s great!

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