Not much of an update. Again. I’m thinking I won’t be able to post any pictures until I get back and can get on my own computer. I’m so annoyed with my camera right now. It needs some kind of internal battery and since it doesn’t have one right now it uploads the pictures in completely random order. It’s impossible to try and look through my photos and find the good ones when I can’t compare similar ones to each other. There are 352 pictures so I’m not being ridiculous, ok? Maybe I am. I’m just having such a good a time with Hunter and my sister that I don’t want to spend hours sorting through hundreds of pictures trying to put up half a dozen good ones. If there is a time when everyone else is busy or sleeping or something I may take the time to put something together but I’m going to stop worrying about it until I get back home. If you get to see photos before then consider yourself lucky.

So far I’m having a really fun time here. I woke up to snuggles from my sweet nephew. He just seems so happy to have me here. It makes me feel so loved! He’s so funny and has been showing me all his toys and telling me about his friends here. He keeps asking me if I can stay 100 days instead of just 7. *giggle* Anyway, we had a laid back day today. Well, laid back if you consider cooking broccoli soup, banana bread and pizza completely from scratch laid back. But that was Liz. I on the other hand was busy playing with Hunter or doing whatever on my phone. The pizza was a group effort and it was a lot of fun to make. Everything was delicious even though it made me feel like the biggest slacker wife ever. I mean even when I “cook” it’s usually frozen or out of a box. Worst-wife-ever award right here! Seriously though I am always so impressed by what a good mother my sister is. She has raised a sweet little angel of a boy and I love them both to death.

We have plans for a fun weekend, I’m excited. I’ll update you as we go. *smile*