It’s my last night here in California. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m going to really miss my sister and family. On the other hand I cannot wait to see Joel and Phoebe. I also am not looking forward to getting up at a ridiculously early time tomorrow morning. I have to get up at 2am. Two AM, People! Ugh, my eyes hurt just thinking about it. I really hope I can sleep on the plane. I should but you never know. On the way here I got stuck next to Mr. Chatty McWhistles. I’m crossing my fingers for either a quiet seat mate or ideally no seat mate at all. That would be fabulous.

I’m also pretty pissed that I never got my luggage hook (not quite what mine is like but that’s the general idea). Mine was lost in Cancun (thanks taxi driver) so I tried to order one online. The stupid hook was $10.00 and I paid almost $11.00 in shipping so it would get here in 1-4 days. Apparently to the company I ordered from that equals 7 days, grrrrr! I’ll probably live but it’s going to make traveling with my two overstuffed bags so much harder. *whines* Where’s my big strong man when I need him?

Part of the reason my bags are so overstuffed, besides my need to pack everything I possibly think I could ever wear (It’s a sickness I swear.), is I got a spice rack today. It was only $20 and it came with 16 jars of spices. The best part though is it comes with free refills on the spices for five years! Just buying a couple jars of spices can cost $20 let alone getting free refills. My goal is to try and use them as much as possible. Working on number 18 of my 30 by 30 list, in case anyone is keeping track.*grin*

Anyway, I need to sign off because I have to go to bed. If I fell asleep at this moment I would only get five hours of sleep. Wow, tomorrow’s going to be a long day. Like the title said, just knowing I won’t get much sleep makes me grumpy. I’m so glad I’m not working my flights tomorrow. I have a feeling I wouldn’t be making the skies much friendlier. It will be worth it when I’m back home with my love though. Night!